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  1. Is this a cat and mouse game between a hacker and admins?
  2. Main has a pop of 4 wtf?
  3. Monday wipe Prime server!

    I think the Monday servers are killing the pop on the 2 week wipe servers as well, like medium.
  4. Monday wipe Prime server!

    Worth a shot for a wipe or two in my opinion. F hackers
  5. Creating a Monday wipe Prime server would give Prime solid chance at gaining a following... Everyone is looking for new action on Mondays. Especially if it was the ONLY Monday wipe server! I don't expect them to remove the other Monday servers, but if they did the Prime population would go up, no doubt. A Newman can dream :/
  6. That means the server hasn't received the update yet. ack, client update required... correction you need to download the update. Basically, restart rust/steam to update.
  7. Play on Prime? It's our best chance to play with least amount of hackers, no?
  8. Prime is the ONLY server trying to battle the hacker issue.
  9. Prime still has no following

    Not everyone, but I feel most if not all powerful groups have a hacker involved in some way. Sorry, What do combat tags have to do with Prime?
  10. So sad... everyone loves hacking
  11. That would be cool. Even a chat for players in queue... might be able to get prime buzz going in the queue chat.
  12. We have to keep pushing Prime. I think adding a rocket factory would help! When ppl are trolling others to type 'quit' in console or hit alt-f4, I tell them to join prime
  13. I agree with Bambi's Mother... shouldnt allow cheaters from other games to play on rustafied servers.

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