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  4. goodbye vip no more vip for rustafied

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  6. A true legend amongst men.

  7. Please reply to my post, thank you

  8. Please reply to my post, thank you

  9. 尊敬的先生或者女士,请原谅我的打扰,距离上次禁止我进入.com游戏,已经有90天了,对此我非常的难过,对于之前与作弊玩家游戏我深感抱歉,保证以后不会犯同样的错误。对此我想说明我的禁令已经到此,能重新让我进入游戏中吗,请帮组我解除禁止,我会成为一名合法的玩家。谢谢你先生,

  10. this man stoopid


  11. jbro

    hello i saw my ticket close said you replied to it but i dont see reply


  12. It still says I am banned but the ban was supposed to be revoked on July 13th it is now the 23rd and i am still banned?

    1. Chip


      Did you submit a new appeal?



      Like another support request?

    3. Chip


      Check the response I left on your new support request.

  13. hello , 

    we didn't played as four in trio we just switched  from trolling third guy. 

    and thx 

  14. ban avasion me ssory my account ban game cheat thit friend new team
    i no cheater

    ]ban due to the fact that we met a new player and he is a cheater

    my computer is clean, if you want to check it

  15. Hello, I don't know why I was again. Com server barred from I don't have any irregularities


  16. Why did you ban me? My SteamID is 76561198829885403 I was banned by the EU main server for a year. I didn't do anything. Why block me? What's the reason for banning me?

  17. Hello I just came back to rust and I tried to play long 2 and some other rustafied servers but it says I am banned = ban evasion , could you please explain what that means and how do I get unbanned ?

    1. Chip


      Go to https://rustafied.com/support and submit a ban appeal.

  18. Why did the ban not go away? I talked to you and said that it will be removed on July 7

  19. hello Meeko i bought vip not sure if wrong id or what but i need the refund or something vip is not working



  20. im a noob watch me farm.

  21. ananızı sikerim

  22. hello meeko i responded to your ticket man

  23. Hi im just trying to get my card to go through and it keeps telling me to come to the support


  24. Hello World !!!

  25. Why did you not reply after submitting the work order for 3 days?

    Why are you online and don’t see the ticket I submitted?

    The previous ban has disappointed me, and now I waited for 3 days, the efficiency of dealing with the problem is really fast, very fast.

  26. You don't consider someone spamming "I hate N****RS" in chat something that affects the entire server? This is not an issue for you?

    1. Tidus_Rustafied


      Not once was that spammed. If you would like to talk more on this topic, send me a private message. 

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