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  1. Rustafied.com

    Hello, All Rustafied servers wipe blueprints every 2 months on the forced wipe. The next BP wipe is set for April 5th. This info is available in our Rustafied discord and now also listed in our FAQ section here on the forums. ~Professor
  2. When does Rustafied wipe blueprints?

    Currently all Rustafied servers wipe blueprints every two months on the forced wipe. (This schedule may be subject to change.)
  3. We're never going to stop moderating our servers. As you've correctly stated, it's on a case-by-case basis. I do not believe game bans on hackers bring association bans with them from EAC or FacePunch, that would be Rustafied enforcing those on our own servers for the good of the community. We do ban for association though, to be clear, and again, case-by-case. There are no announcements on how we're dealing with these. We don't want to tip anyone off about such things.
  4. purchase USA VIP pass but still 105 in que

    Most VIP issues can be traced back to the user putting in an incorrect steam ID, or even putting in a link, or they haven't disconnected after purchase to reconnect for the change to take place. Please submit a support ticket and we'll get it fixed for you. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/ ~Professor
  5. Rust Dream Update

    The Prehistoric update, just add Raptors
  6. Problem with VIP

    Hello, You need to submit a support ticket to have this looked into. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/ Just explain the issue in your ticket and someone will help you out. ~Professor
  7. wrong protocol server update required plz help

    Sorry for the delayed reply. FacePunch put out a forced update not too long ago that was to fix a lot of the crashes and connection issues people were having. The servers should all be back up and running at this time. ~Professor
  8. Will we have to re buy rust?

    No. You own the game already.
  9. VIP Purchased, not working

    You need to put in a support ticket if you have an issue with VIP so a support staff member can look into it. https://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  10. Pending??

    Create a support ticket about the issue and a support staff will have a look into it.
  11. Main

    Slots stay sold out until someones VIP expires or they transfer to another server.
  12. Someone please give me an estimate?

    No way to know that, especially on forced wipes, it's whenever the devs release it. I believe normal times for CT would be between 1pm and 5pm, but again that's normal and does not count exactly for forced wipes.
  13. SOld out VIP

    You can transfer it once the other server is back in stock.
  14. Wipe time?

    You can find our server info here: https://www.rustafied.com/server/ As for the EU servers, they wipe at 5pm GMT on wipe days (except on forced wipes) ~Professor
  15. Bp wipe in January?

    BP wipe was done recently, so I would say no.

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