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  1. Hello, Most likely you or someone in your group accidentally took it out of your cupboard or were mistaken. I haven't personally heard of this happening to anyone else but I will ask around to see if any other moderators have heard of it happening. If you're positive it happened you can always F7 report it to FacePunch. ~Professor
  2. @pepe You'll have to use the link above to submit your own ban appeal if you're banned. @dolev You cannot swap players, once you reach 3, that's it for the wipe. If you reach the 3 player limit during a wipe, and two of your players leave and solo is too difficult for you then just go to one of the non-trio servers and find a bigger group to play with until trio wipes and then get more reliable players to join your trio group. You can't ask friends to help if you've already had 3 members this wipe, that's gaining an advantage over everyone else who are following our rules.
  3. Rustafied Trio servers are 3 players per team, per wipe. If at any time during a wipe you hit 3 players, you can't join anyone else and no one else can join you. Even if one of those players leaves, you already reached 3 so you'll have to wait for the next wipe. Ban appeals can be submitted using the support system: https://forum.rustafied.com/support/ ~Professor
  4. Sorry but nope, you'll have to take it back from them, it's part of game play. ~Professor
  5. BP wipe should be happening October 4th with the October forced wipe. It's always subject to change if FacePunch wipes them randomly, but that's what it is currently planned for.
  6. Depends on multiple factors. Timezone, day of the week, rl commitments, holidays, etc. We normally try to handle support tickets within 24-48 hours. Ban appeals sometimes take longer than other types of support tickets due to the extra steps of investigating. ~Professor
  7. Hello, Ban appeals need to be submitted through the support ticket system. https://forum.rustafied.com/support/ ~Professor
  8. Hello, It's currently sold out. You'll have to wait until a slot appears on the store page. ~Professor
  9. If and when a US Trio server would be announced it would be done so through our weekly stream on Thursdays. Same goes for any new server openings. ~Professor
  10. It's a bit early to start planning new Trio servers, we've just launched the first one. If it's deemed successful then we would launch a US Trio next, since the first one was EU. ~Professor
  11. Hello, Normally it's within 24-48 hours. However weekends, holidays, time zones, real life, etc can delay that process sometimes. I'll be sure the one handling your ticket responds as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. ~Professor
  12. It wouldn't be too long after, again, can't put exact times to these kind of things.
  13. On forced wipes, which is the first Thursday of every month, the servers update when FacePunch releases the update. It usually happens anywhere between 2pm est and 6pm est. Sometimes it comes earlier, sometimes it comes later, sometimes it gets delayed for days. There is no way for us to know until FacePunch says so. ~Professor
  14. Yes, PayPal has that issue for some users. Buy a gift card: https://forum.rustafied.com/store/gift-cards/ Then redeem it: https://forum.rustafied.com/store/redeem/ Then you can purchase the VIP slot you want and use the credit as payment. ~Professor
  15. Hello, VIP slots become available as other players transfer out of the server or let their VIP expire. ~Professor

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