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  1. All servers will be forced to BP wipe on the 7th June, by FacePunch.
  2. Mi Account is Banned but Nobady is answering mi Supoort Help.

    I never Hacked or Chet in mi Live im RP Player.



  3. Hi all, The forums have now been upgraded and hopefully most things appear unchanged on the frontend. If you do experience any issues or get errors, please be sure to put a support ticket in! One of the additions is standardized emojis 😍
  4. 5pm EST or BST depending on US/EU.
  5. Right now we don't police it, and it doesn't work in chat anyway so unless FP changes their stance on this, we won't either.
  6. Hello i have accidentally bought vip with my steam url and i had just realised that now because i had a friend put in my details for me

    My steam ID 64 is 76561198442969736


  7. Hey, welcome to Rustafied! We encourage help, but most advertisements are immediately removed. Truthfully, there's no "easy way" to have your server be popular. Some routes are quicker than others (i.e. pairing up with a streamer who has a wide audience) but ultimately it's the experience and player's perception of your server that dictates whether they stay or go. To that end, you should be consistent, fair, and honest as a server administrator. If players visit your server and see a well ran community with responsive staff that follows solid policy, who don't create their own judgements on a whim, then they will stay. Word of mouth will then contribute largely to the popularity. Getting started is always the hardest part though. There is a subreddit for Rust server advertisements, and also an area on the FacePunch forums, which may attract a few members. You could also perhaps think about hosting an event, or something unique that draws players in. Finally, consider who your audience is. Without checking, I think modded has the least number of servers (versus community) so there are less servers there competing for players, but then you'd need to check what the preferred flavour of modded is (2x gather/loot? 3x? 5? Teleportation? Factions? etc.)
  8. The low pop server has been lagging and continously crashing for the last half hour 

  9. Haha this was well made!
  10. Also, you can see our bans (which include association and hacking bans) as they occur via http://bans.rustafied.com.
  11. Hello i dont have mean kits


    1. Rasmusswag


      can you get someone on discord to help it take to long


  12. Why do I detect a twinge of frustration in your sentiment?
  13. It's just a disclaimer Bugs added so people don't complain at him when their FPS goes down. Personally, I experienced higher frames than before, hitting upwards of 90 with a 1070 and i7 (laptop), which isn't low end but it's definitely proof that it could increase or decrease.
  14. Looking good! I was just on Staging myself. Frog boots have made it in too there already lol

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