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  1. Upkeep is weird!

    Because screw RP bases. People should only build small bunker buildings to get cheap rent.
  2. Rust Dream Update

    blueprints removed, not components. I think if the player has the resources to craft some thing they deserve it without jumping through more researching hoops.
  3. Rust Dream Update

    Here are some of my fixes I would love to see in a dream update. -blueprint system removed (everyone knows how to craft everything) -scrap is removed (loot will be loot and not scrap for work benches) -decay system removed (back to old system were a base would start to decay if doors have not been opened in days) -4x scope removed (fuck tower campers) -upload images to signs in vanilla -AK removed (why is this in a game with bows and spears?) -voice notification box added (was in rust, but taken out. Allows you to see who is talking in voice chat with UI icons on the screen) If you could dream up any Rust updates what would they be?
  4. Painting Signs on Rust is hard

    One way I got around this is stripping down to nothing then paint, because even if someone kills you while painting you can still have the paint menu up and paint while on the death screen. This way you can spend as much time as you want on your painting and it still updates when you hit ok.
  5. R8 my artwork

    Lots of sexy fit onto a small sign.
  6. haha he can enjoy a VACation. I hope he had a ton of inventory he lost .
  7. You were wearing a bright yellow rad suit. And the shooter knew your general location from the gun shots. I did not see anything abnormal.
  8. Rust 2017: Year in Review

    Thank god they added vending machines. Trading by hand sucked.
  9. Decay is BS

    Rust feels more like a chores than it does a game at the moment.
  10. Happy Holidays!

    I bet Helks pickles will give you some sort of super power after eating them
  11. Bp wipe in January?

    That is one good point, I do like seeing a ton of vending machines on the map and people trying to hussel for scrap. That is one positive aspect from this update, is that scrap is a new form of currency around blueprint wipes.
  12. Bp wipe in January?

    What is good about a blueprint wipe? I don't seem to understand why people want blueprints to wipe so much. This will not effect clans that are 6+ deep, they will get everything they need to research done in the first day or two. The only thing a blueprint wipe reminds me of is spending hours grinding barrels for scrap just to research basic cosmedic items. What are the good reasons to wipe blueprints over and over?
  13. I don't know why this happens, but it sure happens. Kids lose their minds when they hear a "grill" gamer. It's super cringy.
  14. Had a blast, here are some silly screenshots I took during the event. Feel free to post screenshots you took during the event. I have some video footage but my frames were down the drain, so it might not be worth watching.

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