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  1. Selling Blueprints On Rustafied Low Pop! Add [BH] Maco On Steam And I Will Get You Any Blueprint For A Fair And Cheap Price!

  2. AO cheats on Rustafied Low Pop like [Banned] Stick does

  3. Blacklist:

    Flacid aka Mur Raided 

    Merc Raided

    AO You Are Next!

  4. Looking To Buy Some Blueprints? You Are But You Are Scared Someone Will Scam You. Well You Came To The Right Place, I Am [BH] Maco And The Best Blueprint Seller Of All Time, Sold Over 1,000 Blueprints,Sold To Over 500 People, And Made Over 10,000,000 Million Wood Off Of It! Come And Add Me, You Will Find Me On Rustafied Low Pop/Wipe! We Sell For Fair And Cheap Price! 

  5. This Upcoming Wipe Will Change Low Wipe Forever, We Got More People And Will Have More Action! Watch Out For Us!

  6. Selling All Blueprints On Rustafied Low Pop/Wipe, If You Need Any Blueprints Add [BH] Maco On Steam!

  7. I Sell All The Blueprints On Low Wipe/Pop!

  8. Selling Blueprints On Rustafied Low Pop! Add [BH] Maco On Steam!

  9. AK Should Not Be Removed, Guys Just Deal With It, Everyone Deal With It Since February, It Is A Good Gun.

  10. Anyone Need Blueprints On Rustafied Low Pop? Add [BH] Maco On Steam!


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