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  1. ban avasion me ssory my account ban game cheat thit friend new team
    i no cheater

    ]ban due to the fact that we met a new player and he is a cheater

    my computer is clean, if you want to check it

  2. Come on brother, please swear to you that I am new to the game and I entered the server and met with people and I knew that it was forbidden Please give me a chance I am now in a period of a ban inside the house I want to enjoy


  3. Come on, man, I apologize. If I repeat the mistake, ban me for life. I told you I am new to the game and I did not know about the laws.

  4. Please, I apologize, let me enjoy the server, I have a home and many things inside the server, please I will not repeat it and I will read all the laws

  5. I'm sorry, please. I apologize, forgive me, just this time. I basically got to know the people inside the server. I didn't know them. Please, just this time.

  6. Please unblock it because I like the server and I want to play I am new and I did not know about the laws


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