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  1. An e-mail to be opened has arrived today. but still not opened ban


    1. Kovalsk1


      https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198364251337/ i have ban association pleas an ban becaus my friend unban 

  2. I'm innocent. One of my teammates dropped out,Went to another team,While I was sleeping, he brought another team back to my home,,When I get into the game,It reminds me to form a team illegally,I'm really innocent,Please help me lift the ban

  3. I had to send this email. I didn’t get a reply on Rustafied.com/Support. I was banned from the US Trio server. I was banned while sleeping offline. The reason was that my teammates were poisonous and violated the rules of the game. As a result, I was also banned. I have deleted him. I like this server and don’t want to lose this server. I hope the administrator will give me a chance to lift my ban. 

  4. I don't know. Why I am not a hacker can I forbid you to check my bank account I VAC has been good I request for lifting the ban on

  5. does not even bother reading the tickets wtf

  6. We were played by 2 people! For what ban we did not break the rules!

  7. Okay,thank you! :)

  8. Tortis 

    I can't read English, don't get me wrong
  9. Good day. I played Solo - I was invited by a friend to play with him in the team - why was I banned because I didn't know something? where's the justice? Unblock me please

  10. Ho Tortis, you just resolved my case but it still wont let me back on the server, any help?


  11. hello good afternoon i had a ban on trio violation and its passed november 6 how do i play rustafied servers again??

  12. Why am I forbidden? Can't I untie it? I don't have any bad behavior


  13. Didn't even read my ban appeal just copy pasted a response, I didn't know why I got banned and didn't even try to tell me, just told me to wait.

    1. Jayrad8


      SAME thing just happened to me. Kinda crazy how I have literally been playing rustafied servers since the first days they were made and before these moderators and get 0 respect in return. 

  14. literally the worst mod ive had help me, he didnt give me any options, and ontop of that he 'resolved my case' just so i couldnt reply even though there was more to say, basically forcing me to start a new message chain and start again. 10/10 worst mod

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