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  1. hi tidus i wrote a message to u can u please check it


  2. how to i get to the website to appeal a ban from rust or the thing u said

  3. Hello tidus i wrote u a message can u please check it? 

  4. Hi Tidus! I wrote a message to you. Could you pls check it? Merry x-mas by the way  🎄

  5. yeah um your server page says nothing about adding new teammates to be not allowed

    1. Tidus_Rustafied


      You can find that on the Trio page which contains the Trio-Specific rules. 

      "Max. 3 Players in a group, no swapping out members"


  6. I wanna say thank you for being a good modertater

  7. Why did the ban not go away? I talked to you and said that it will be removed on July 7

  8. You don't consider someone spamming "I hate N****RS" in chat something that affects the entire server? This is not an issue for you?

    1. Tidus_Rustafied


      Not once was that spammed. If you would like to talk more on this topic, send me a private message. 

  9. Can a moderator help me and come to a players point of view. We were told codes while raiding their base because they had given up. Any rust player I mean every rust would try codes if given to them. So we used codes and took over their base. We never violated the trio rule and never gave away a base. We were the same trio all wipe long. Please help unban me please! 

    1. Thronn1945.


      Did you get unbanned? I got a Ban yesterday bcs of useing codes from other base. We get in a basewith  Doors  open and some Loot in the Base. In 1 Box there was a Note with the Codes so we used them do secure the Loot /Base untile bring it to our own base.

      They just said us its not allowed to use Code and we need to read rules, but i cant find a rules with its not allowt to use Door Codes on not own Base.


    ok I was Banned for  Two Weeks  Will I be allowed to play on that server once again After the 2 weeks?


  11. hello i see today i'm ban of rustafied server for a trio rules violation. I have play with 2 guy last week for the 1st time but i leave cause they are toxic it's the only time i have play on the trio and after i leave i supose they have remplace me and that cause me that ban Can you unban me please


  12. May my tale it has no vac ban of the neck I do not understand and I am faithful to your serve I have the max VIP I play all the time on the medium serv



      I only play on your projects, we took a new teammate into the clan and did not know that he was with cheats, and then he was banned, and we realized that he plays with cheats, I ask you to unban me on your projects, I will carefully choose players in my clan
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