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Player Swapping On US Trio

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Hello. I tried posting this in the US Trio server section, but apparently I am not allowed to post there. The current player swapping rule where you are forced to start over if you kick a player out of your group for a new one is overly punishing to people who don't have a tightly knit group. Personally, I usually play solo and invite players whom I see online at the time to come play with me. Under the current system, I risked getting banned for it even though I never have more than 3 players on at the same time, and nobody actively "swaps in" for another player.

I know the intent of the rule is to prevent people from coordinating groups so that there is always a group of 3 players online. Honestly though, this event seems like it would not affect the majority of the playerbase as many groups would simply not put forth the effort of organizing this. On the other hand, the current rule, as I've been able to tell from in-game  conversations, seems to affect many players, and not being able to play casually seems to defeat the point of the server.

In short, please consider changing this rule. It has far too broad implications, and the rule creates bigger burdens for casual players than it does for people trying to game the trio system.



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Posted (edited)

Yea I agree, I made a Pol and a post about this exact same thing. I'm banned until the 20th of October because of this too and honestly, It completely ruins the fact taht you can do whatever you want in rust now only that but, its called "teamwork" if someoe isn't doing anything on your team you should be allowed to swap him. Please fix your stuff Rustafied. Be the server you used to be for god sakes.

+1 Please Fix

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