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On The Pulse of Rust


Thanks Rustafied

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Such a great wipe day.... one of the first in server only to get timed out to a 169 person wait.... then about 3 hours later I’m only 24 away and I get timed out from server again. To a 87 person wait.... finally make it back in get kicked.... 40 plus person wait. How about add more slots and more VIP!? I’d pay to be able to get into the server... but of course I wasted my wipe day on your laggy ass server. While my 2 m8s waited 6 hours for me not to get on. Back to officials.... I’ll get killed by hackers but at least I can get in at a reasonable speed with not as bad of lag.

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I don't know much about servers that's just not my cup of tea. I can tell you one thing though, if lag is your concern then adding even more players into the mix is definitely not going to improve anything.


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DaddyDuo you might want to look into purchasing the full VIP package so that you can skip the que's on all servers. It is a bit of a financial commitment, however it is a solution to this problem you are facing. You can still purchase it even if the VIP packages for the server you play is sold out.

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