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On The Pulse of Rust


Solo-duo-trio server. Please read.

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I love rust my main issue is that I don’t like big groups. I enjoy playing with one or two of my friends. I am constantly being told to “stfu go play on a trio server” when I call out zergs. Trio servers literally die within days because they are hosted by random owners and admins; however, rustified has a huge name is rust servers. People would definitely populate the server through out the wipe. There will need to be active admins on to enforce this rule but that won’t be to hard. People get video proof all the time with GeForce experience.  I believe the wipe should be bi-weekly and maybe even possibly a 2x server to remove help negate the scrap grind that small groups face. I personally believe and have had others agree that the server would be a hit!

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Scrap the thing with the 2x server, but i agree to the solo duo trio server. Or at least a server for smaller groups. Problem is rustafied admins are rarely in the game to keep the server clean, which is probably why they havent done a thing like this yet. 

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