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Might wanna change the system when group gets banned

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so i got suggested that i should suggest in the forums for a change. I've seen that facepunch and rustafied don't take anything from their forums so i don't expect much from this thread either. Rustafied doesn't break hacker bases or bases that are associated with hackers, which means that you can literally hire a a hacker and when he gets banned you can just go to the base and get everything without any consequenses (that's what someone pretty much did this wipe). Apparently it's too hard to just take the loot from the base and despawn it somewhere, because i couldn't care less where the loot goes and then you could just wipe the base.

Ps i suggest that you don't ban tough customers from your discord, i wouldn't beat up someone who had a bad day and acting like a moron when he is paying groceries. I only said one sentence though,which lead to a ban from discord.

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I would rather have the hacker base sit idle then admins spending time destroying bases. If people were using a hackers base to get quick loot in a wipe, then they are just asking to get banned for hacker association. 

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