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On The Pulse of Rust

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Exploit fixes, Hapis improvements, and more.

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4:05pm EST - It's a fresh week for Rust development and we're seeing a roof exploit fix, progress on mountables, improvements to Hapis, and more.

Roof exploit fix

Vincent is making some changes to roof building blocks in an attempt to stop a roof exploit currently in play. Working on a ‘roof building blocks’ branch, he’s so far extracted triangle walls from roof building blocks. Given this is still in process on a separate branch, no word yet as to if this will shift building dynamics beyond the exploit fix.

Mountable progress

Helk is working on a new branch, mountredux. As a first order of business, he’s done a rough pass at multiple players in vehicles. This not only gets us a step closer with the new Chinook server event, but will come in handy in the future once cars and other vehicles are added.

Hapis 8

Alistair continues his improvements to the Hapis island map. As mentioned last week, his primary focus is on enhancing areas where players don’t build or travel to much. So far this week we’re seeing 4 new caves being added along with a new collapsed tunnel in the north.

In addition to this, radiation has been added to the tunnels at Site A and 2 new recyclers have been added. Expect more changes over the coming weeks, and a much improved Hapis come the update on April 5th.

Other stuff

  • Minor spawn fixes on Savas
  • Hair cap progress
  • Allow vis.lerp when playing back a demo

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