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On The Pulse of Rust

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Bug fixes and QoL improvements

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1:45pm EST - It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some important bug fixes, quality of life improvements for players and admins, and more progress on long term projects. Let's get into it...

Explosive ammo bug fixed

As pointed out on Reddit the other day, explosive ammo has not been behaving as intended on garage and double doors. Thankfully, Helk has swooped in and fixed the issue. While at it, he also shifted it so you no longer need to aim slightly away from target to deal maximum damage with explosive ammo.

Show report button on death screen

Garry, who has been working on separating the staging branch (see below), has also snuck in some quality of life changes. First, a ‘report cheat’ button is now shown on the death screen. When clicked, a browser window takes you to the Rust feedback page (just like when you hit F7). Also, the attacker name is more faithful to the ingame name on the report page.

Admins can get combatlogs of other people

In a huge quality of life improvement for server moderators, Andre has made it so admins can now get the combatlogs of other people in the server! This should make it easier for admins to track sketchy players and follow up on hacker reports.

Vending machine destroyed with construction below

In the interest of stopping certain glitches (i.e. the unraidable truck shop), Alistair has made it so vending machines will actually be destroyed if the construction below them is removed.

More staging branch work

Garry continues his work on separating the staging branch. As he mentioned on Reddit the other day, this will allow players to have both the main version of the game and the staging branch installed at the same time.

Garry also hinted at what we can expect in the future for update schedules: “Once we leave early access this will be updated every day and the live version will be updated every month.”

Other stuff

  • Jack O Lantern can no longer be placed through walls or picked up and it only accepts wood now
  • More AI work (scientist NPC's soon?!)
  • Optimizations to workshop skin downloading
  • Show different arrowheads for bow / crossbow ( in 3rd person )
  • Updated flare view model
  • Work on water well small monument

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