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Fire and bone arrows added!

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12:05pm EST - Update day is here and with it we’ve got two new arrows and several other changes.

Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it.


Fire arrows

Helk has added two new arrow types this week. First, we have the fire arrow. This non-default blueprint costs wood, cloth, and low grade to craft. At the moment each arrow automatically lights up when you go to fire it, however, I expect that to soon require an actual flame source prior to ignition.

It can be used against in combat against other players or as an early game raiding tool against wood structures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently light the object it hits directly on fire. Instead, it drops fire on the ground near the point of impact. This can make using it to raid a wood door difficult if there isn’t a stair or floor block directly in front of the door.


20 wood
10 cloth
10 low grade

2 arrows

3 seconds

Not default

Level 1 required

Research cost
20 scrap


Bone arrows

Second of the newly added projectiles: bone arrows. This default blueprint costs wood and (you guessed it) bone to craft. Its description boasts a larger arrowhead which allows you to more easily hit your targets at the expense of damage.


25 wood
10 bone


Craft time
3 seconds



New HV arrow model

In addition to the two new arrow types, Helk has updated the high velocity arrow model. Although it has a nifty new look, it doesn’t appear any of the damage stats have shifted with this.

Key lock changes

Helk has changed a couple things with key locks to make them more user friendly and safe. First, the person who placed the key lock can always lock/unlock and open the door, even if they have never created and don't carry a key. Also, in the interest of reducing key lock raiding, the total combination of possible keys has jumped to 1,000,000.

Junkpile spawn fixes

Andre has fixed some placement issue with junkpile spawns. They will no longer appear partially on roads or in weird positions (like too far above terrain).

Purple crate model update

The purple crates have recieved a face lift today as Helk updated the model to a brand new toolbox. Although the placeholder art is gone, the loot inside is still the same.



Atmosphere shifts

You’ll notice some shifts to lighting and fog at certain points in the day as there have been some tweaks. First, expect more stars in the night sky as they will no longer be occluded by fog. Also, weather - only fog at the moment - is randomized every 18 hours, and fades over 6 hours. The sky will also now be slightly darker at midnight, and won’t be as washed out around noon in the temperate and arid biomes.

Finally, the fog density no longer changes given the biome you're in as it would give an unfair advantage to those looking in from a different biome.


Scientists soon

Rad zones will soon have an new PvE element as the scientist NPC’s are almost ready to go. Although they didn’t quite make it in this week, a bunch of bug fixes and improvements were completed, and we’ll hopefully see these in game in the next couple of weeks.

Building blocks damage

Vince has started work on an exciting new feature which will allow you to gauge the health of a building by looking at it. It’s on a branch called ‘building_blocks_damage’, so no visuals yet - hopefully the devblog will give us a sneak peek.

Other stuff

  • CH47 server event progress (not in game yet)
  • Work on a new water well mini monument (expect next forced wipe)
  • Garry working on something called 'staging2' - interesting...

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I actually can't wait till scientists are out aye. So hyped 

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