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Happy Holidays!

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12:00am EST - 'Tis the season! As Christmas rapidly approaches, the last update of the year is upon us. With it, we’re seeing notifications for building upkeep, changes to night, and several other tweaks.

Our update stream will go live at 3pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Now, let’s get into it...

Decay notification

After the advent of building 3.0 the other week, building upkeep is more important than ever. Fail to fill your cupboard for a couple hours and you might have a serious problem on hand. With that in mind, Helk has added some better notifications for building upkeep status.

When in a building privileged area, you’ll now see either a countdown of how much time is left before your building decays, or a notice that your building is actively decaying. Note: these only show up for people with building privilege, while they are in the direct build radius of the base.


Night changes

Twilight in Rust will be a bit different this week as the team has implemented some shifts to lighting. This is still a work in progress, and might change prior to the update, but here’s the gist:

  • A night with no moon should now be pitch black, with the goal of nullifying many gamma boosting techniques.
  • Night time with a moon is currently a bit brighter, but this may change prior to the update.

A picture is worth a thousand and all, so here are some examples of full moon vs. no moon on the staging branch right now:


Increased miner hat light

The size of the light for the miner hat has increased with this update. Here is a before and after shot:


Roof fixes

Another thing which shifted with building 3.0 was roof placement. Specifically, roof blocks now occupy the wall socket at their bottom end, so you need to choose between a roof or a wall. Although this has been successful at nerfing roof stacking, it has come with a few quirks.

Thankfully, the team has fixed the conditional models in various scenarios, which should provide a more consistent behavior.

Tree revamp (in progress)

We’ll be seeing some shifts to the tree’s in Rust in the near future as Damian has started on a fresh branch called ‘tree_revamp’. In the first (of hopefully many) commits, there is a douglas fir prototype. Given this is on a separate branch, we’re unable to see or test any of this at the moment. Although I wouldn’t expect to see these changes in till the new year, we’ll hopefully get some sneak peeks in the devblog.

Other things

  • Lots of fixes and tweaks to fog
  • More work on animal AI behavior
  • Upkeep also scales with decay.scale convar (easier testing)
  • Small sign placement fix


Charitable Rust 2017 follow up

Our yearly charity event, Charitable Rust, took place at the beginning of this month. It not only was an amazingly fun time, but we smashed our goal out of the park!

With an original goal of $8,000, we raised over $12,000 in donations for Direct Relief during the 12 hour live stream event. In addition, there were 2 skins for sale (courtesy of our friends at Xtab) on the item store - the proceeds of which, are also being donated.

I’m thrilled to announce, the total revenue from those skin sales was around $37,000!

Couple things though:

  • Steam still takes their cut. I can’t get a clear percentage from anyone on this, but it seems to be somewhere in the realm of 30%
  • Steam takes upwards of a month to distribute the earnings to Facepunch and Xtab

Given this, our Tiltify campaign is still sitting at $12k and change, while the actual amount raised is almost $40,000.

Facepunch and Xtab will be contributing their portions of the proceeds directly in the Tiltify campaign once distributed, so we should have a final number within the first week or two of January. I’ll be sure to post a follow up here as soon as that happens.

A huge thank you again to everyone who participated! We set a high bar for next year!!

Oh, and as for Helk’s pickles, I’m still waiting on them. Expect to see me eating them live on our first update stream of the new year (January 4th).

Happy holidays!

This is the last update of the year, and with that, this is the last update post we’ll do for this year. I wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas, New Years, and whatever else you may celebrate. Much love from the entire team at Rustafied!

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I bet Helks pickles will give you some sort of super power after eating them 

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