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Christmas is here!

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11:20am EST - Update day is upon us and with it, Christmas has once again come to Rust! For the third year in a row, the developers are celebrating the holidays with some yuletide content. We’re in for a special treat this year, as there are more Christmas goodies than ever before!

Our update stream will go live at 3pm EST (new time). Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Now, let’s get into it...

New decorations

The team has added a bunch of new items this year to spread holiday joy. These items will likely go up for sale on the item store today (similar to the Halloween items). They will then be crafted and placed around your base with care - in hopes no raiders will soon be there. With a new wreath, lights, garland, and even a snowman, bases will be looking more festive than ever this year!



Candy cane club

Decorations aren't the only new holiday items coming in today. The candy cane club will not only allow you to whack the Christmas spirit into your fellow Newman, you can also lick it for some nutritional value. Watch out though, several licks is all it takes to get to the center of this candy club.


Reindeer antlers

Some new festive head ware has also arrived. Along with the Santa hat from previous years, we now have Reindeer Antlers added to the holiday headgear arsenal. Also featuring a cherry red nose, they are not able to be crafted, but you will find them in presents and stockings. Providing a little bit of head protection, your player model will surely look thrilled to be wearing them.


Xmas event

As you may remember from previous years, Rust Xmas occurs once every ingame day. Accompanied by that old familiar jingle of sleigh bells, present boxes are spawned around players. By default, 2 presents are dropped within 50 meters of each player on a server - although this can be tweaked server to server via a series of cvars (for list, type “sv find xmas” in console).

Xmas Loot

When you hear those jingles, look around your general location for present boxes on the ground. After you whack their 30 health away, you’ll be greeted with a Christmas loot drop of 1 or more small and medium presents. These presents can be unwrapped or upgraded to higher tiers, which yield better loot. Here are some details...


Small Present

Possible Contents
Reindeer antlers
~245 wood
~124 stone
~36 metal frags
~3 chocolate bars
Candy cane club
Eoka + 10 shells

Upgrade to medium


Medium Present

Possible Contents
Waterpipe + 10 Shells
150 Low Grade Fuel
1000 Stone
Small Stocking
Pookie Bear
Salvaged Cleaver

Upgrade to large


Large Present

Possible Contents
Revolver + 20 Bullets
20 High Quality Metal
Pump Shotgun + 12 Buckshot
250 Crude Oil
Flame Turret
Large Stocking



Hung around the chimney (err, campfire) with care, this duo of deployables will load up with items over time - a long time. You’ll know when there’s some goodies inside when they start dazzling sparkles from the top.


Small Stocking

~267 wood
~191 stone
~25 metal frags
Eoka + ~10 shells
Reindeer antlers
Candy cane club
~5 Chocolate Bars
Santa Hat


Super Stocking

~250 wood
~150 stone
~50 metal frags
Eoka + ~10 shells
Waterpipe shotgun and ~10 shells
Candy Cane
Medical Syringe


Wood and sheet metal rework

Not all changes this week were just in the holiday spirit. Reworks of both the wood and sheet metal walls have been completed, sealing up all the little gaps and holes in each. These changes - especially the wood tier - have come under some scrutiny. I don’t think, however, most people realize what one of the main motivators of the devs doing this was.

Helk enlightened me: these changes stand to improve client performance. Think about it, if you don’t need to render what’s beyond walls, looking at bases can be less intensive on players, thereby improving FPS.


Upkeep changes

In the wake of the huge changes brought on last week by building 3.0, the team has made some tweaks and changes to building upkeep. First, all doors, wall frame inserts, ceiling frame inserts and barricades require upkeep. Although the exact figures are still being tested, this will mean base upkeep is now more expensive.

In the realm of decay, foundations now decay at the same rate as other building blocks when their upkeep is not paid. Also, building blocks that are inside now decay at 10% of their normal decay rate (this can be modified by server owners with the ‘upkeep_inside_decay_scale’ convar).

Tool cupboards no longer drop loot when destroyed

Along with the upkeep changes, tool cupboards no longer drop loot when they are destroyed. This should make it a little less advantageous for raiders to destroy cupboards.

Other stuff

  • More improvements to AI behavior
  • Barricades can now be repaired

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