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Cupboard loot and sheet metal rework

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It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some tweaks and changes from the team at Facepunch. Let’s get into it...

Tool cupboards no longer drop loot when destroyed

Following the huge changes to building and base upkeep last week, Helk has made it so tool cupboards will no longer drop loot when destroyed.

Sheet metal tier rework

In a change which has seen mixed reviews so far, Vincent has reword the texture of the sheet metal tier - closing off the holes in walls. As expected, this means you can no longer sneak a peek through sheet metal. Here are some screens.


AI Work

After a bunch of changes to animal AI came in last week, Pal is working more on tweaking animal behavior this week. This work is on a separate branch at the moment (animal_ai2), so we’re unable to test, but stay tuned for it to be merged in the near future.

Server hotfixes

If you’re a server owner, you may have noticed some small server updates over the past few days. The first was to fix resource yields on quarry monuments and tool cupboard spam in server console. The second hotfix was to fix a rare StackOverflowException with large buildings on certain servers. Both of these updates are optional, but recommended.

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