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Building 3.0, Junkyards, Hapis, and more!

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12:00am EST - It’s the first Thursday of the month, and you know what that means: Forced map wipe incoming! That’s right, when the update hits today - at no set time, as always - all servers will have a fresh start (from a map perspective - no word on a forced blueprint wipe, but Rustafied servers will wipe blueprints regardless).

As with most first updates of the month, this one is full of changes to maps, monuments, and dungeons (including some new ones!). On top of that, there is a whole new iteration of building dynamics!

Our update stream will go live at 2pm EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Now, let’s get into it...


Building 3.0

Most significant of all changes, building 3.0 goes live today! This latest iteration of Rust construction not only adds a new building block (the half wall), it completely changes how foundations are placed, how building privilege extends, how cupboards operate, and how you’ll think about raiding.

This change is so substantial, we created an entire article and video to highlight all the new dynamics. Check them out below.

Building 3.0: What you need to know

Procgen changes

As you’re running around after the wipe, looking for that perfect place to build your base, you’ll notice some changes to your surroundings. On top of the new Junkyard and Mining Quarries (detailed below), the roads are now paved (sort of). Not only do they have a new look, road placement around the map is much more effective at connecting monuments, and less prone to being split in half by water or flooded.

Along with roads, the placement of powerlines and monuments in general has been greatly improved. Biomes have also been tweaked as the snow biome is now smaller while the arid biome has increased in size. Finally, don’t always expect it to be cold up north and hot down south - biome placement is much more random than before.



Junkyard added

A new monument has arrived: say hello to the Junkyard! This low tier dungeon spawns in arid and forest biomes (yet to see in snow), features a number of opportunities to grab barrels and wood crates, and is surrounded by an array of vicious barbs.

Given it’s an early game area, you’re not going to find any radiation or high tier loot, much less a recycler. That said, there are a number of loot spawns, and the design as a whole looks awesome - very in line with the Rust aesthetic.

With about 10 points of ingress and many intersecting routes, this new dungeon will inevitably offer some great PvP opportunities, especially for primitive players. Amidst the rubble of rusted tanks, trucks, and helicopters, there are several opportunities to gain the high ground - including crane and walkway near the middle of the area.

Just make sure to mind the barbs as you walk around, as much of the surface area of the Junkyard is lined with rusted spirals of spiky metal. Try getting through and you’re going to have a bad time. Also, keep an eye out for the several hobo barrels if you need to cook up some meat on the fly.



Mining quarries

The dynamic of material extraction has drastically shifted as the quarry item is no longer able to be crafted. Instead, you must now find quarries in various preset places. Labeled on the map as ‘Mining Quarry’, there tend to be between 2 to 4 on a normal size map.

At the moment, they all have the same yield (see below), regardless of location on the map, and they appear in all types of biomes. There are 3 versions, some have a watch tower and others don’t. Here are some more details and pictures.


Example yield amounts

100 low grade fuel

2,500 stone
150 metal ore
100 sulfur ore
10 high quality metal

500 low grade fuel

12,500 stone
750 metal ore
500 sulfur ore
50 high quality metal


Hapis improvements

Our favorite non-procgen map has gotten some love over the past month. Along with the new roads and mining quarries (2 total) found on procgen, the Launch Site has been added. Nestled up in the top of the mountains, this dungeon is not only a hike to get to, it’s freaking cold once you get up there - adding an extra layer of difficulty.

Speaking of cold, the new icebergs have been implemented at various areas around the coast - including a new abandoned boat with loot up north. There’s also a larger no build zone at the tunnel entrance and ore nodes are more likely to spawn inland rather than on coastal cliffs.

Along with this, there have been a ton of various fixes and tweaks in general. This includes many changes to loot spawns such as: junk piles now spawn along all roads, slightly less loot at refinery, and a whole new world of loot up north by the new abandoned boat.


Grenade changes

After some significant shifts to how grenades are timed and thrown last week, Helk has made a couple more tweaks. First, grenades now inherit the player velocity when thrown. That means if you throw while running forward, you’ll get more range. Also, the grenade has a larger damage radius, so it should be a bit more deadly.

New furnace look

The go to smelting device of every Tom, Dick, and Newman has received a facelift with this update. Although it still functions the same, the furnace now has a nice new look.


Animal AI improvements

Animal AI has also been overhauled this month, producing some changes and improvements to animal behavior. Based on a couple of test hunts, it appears docile animals will now run away quicker while bears seem to be more aggressive. Also, pigs still attack, so watch out!

Other stuff

  • A bunch of optimizations for both clients and servers
  • Quick craft is now hidden while looting
  • Loot Boxes are now known as Gambling Boxes
  • Admins can now pause time with ‘env.progresstime 0’
  • Some more camera fixes (admin stuff)

Blueprint wipe?

Although Facepunch said they were considering forcing a blueprint wipe across the board, we have yet to hear any official word. That said, Rustafied servers will be wiping blueprints when the update hits.

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