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Building 3.0: What you need to know

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The next iteration of building is here: Building 3.0. After weeks of work from Andre and the rest of the team, these sweeping changes to building are now on the staging branch and set to go live game-wide with the update on Thursday.

This new version of building not only adds more dynamism to building and a new building block (half wall), it features some significant shifts to tool cupboards, building authorization, and raiding.

This post summarizes the main changes to expect. Don’t be surprised if certain aspects of this change prior to the patch going live. As always, we’ll keep this post as up to date as possible.


Foundations snap at half height

One of the first things you’ll notice as you start to lay the groundwork of your base after the wipe is that foundations can now be snapped at half height. This opens up a world of new opportunities for building - especially on uneven ground. Both square and triangle foundations will snap at different levels to each other, provided the height is not too high or low off the ground.

We’ve noticed this placement can still be a bit buggy or difficult to accomplish. At times, ceiling tiles won’t snap halfway up a full wall. Also, you’ll notice many triangle configurations and placements which used to work, no longer do.


Half walls added

With the introduction of half height snapping, there is a new building block to fill in the inevitable gaps in side of your spiffy new base. The half wall can be placed on foundations and floors, and takes up exactly half the height of a normal wall (who’da thunk).

They can be stacked on top of each other, but mind the stability, as it will decrease as more half walls are added. Also note, the health, cost for initial placement, and upgrades is exactly the same as a regular wall.


Only 1 tool cupboard per building

Half walls and foundation placement just scratch the surface of the changes with building 3.0. Many of the underlying mechanics of building identification and permissions have been shifted as well. One of the most stark changes being: Only one tool cupboard is allowed per building.

Now you may be asking, and rightfully so, “What qualifies as a building?” Buildings are now defined by any foundation that snaps with another, and any blocks connected to said foundations. If a corner is touching another corner, it does not count as the same building.

There are still some issues with regards to properly assigning building ID’s, especially when blocks are removed and then rebuilt. The devs are aware of this and planning on some more fixes prior to the update going live on Thursday.

Privilege radius based on blocks, not cupboards

Building privilege is now based on the building blocks instead of exact radius around the cupboard. That means the placement of the cupboard inside the building has no impact on that structures exact build privilege area. Rather, the building itself defines the radius of build privilege (which is currently 16 meters).

See the pictures below for some examples of what that looks like in game.


No more twig foundations when building is blocked

With all these changes to cupboards and build privilege, the developers have nerfed a big aspect of raiding. Twig foundations are no longer able to be placed when building is blocked. Although floors and ladders can still be placed, this stands to make it more difficult or costly to raid in many situations.

Roof changes

Roof blocks and their placement have also been shifted to reduce abuse. They now occupy the wall socket at their bottom end, so you will need to choose between a roof or a wall. Also, roof blocks are currently able to be placed off foundations - although that may change prior to launch.

Building upkeep

Probably the most unfinished aspect of building 3.0 at the moment, building upkeep is going to be a lot different in the near future. If you’re testing on staging, you’ll notice authorizing on a cupboard will now open a storage container.

This is beginning of a new method of repairing bases as they decay. Helk told me the other week this storage will likely be pulled from as the base requires, and will need to be refilled in order to avoid decay. Given it’s not implemented yet, nothing is final as to how this will function. Stay tuned here for more information as the functionality is built out.

Wall stacking / honeycombing ramifications

Most traditional ways of wall stacking have been removed - although there may still be certain ways to stack walls. Honeycombing, however, is still possible in most scenarios. You’ll also notice certain placement of triangle foundations which used to work, no longer do.


With all these changes to building, Andre has also improved how some things are running under the hood. First, he optimized the building ID refreshes when placing and removing building blocks. He also has removed socket colliders during building placement, which should improve frame rates while building. Both of these optimizations should be even more noticeable with larger buildings.

Things you used to be able to do, but now can’t

Finally, here are a few examples of build techniques you used to be able to do, but now cannot accomplish with building 3.0.


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I'm excited for this, I'm a double stacker myself but believe it's a bit of an exploit sOo i'm not too sad to see it go. Excited for the wipe hype!

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