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Charitable Rust 2017: Over $30,000 raised!

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The numbers aren’t final yet - as the skins are still for sale till Thursday - but it is clear, Charitable Rust 2017 has raised over $30,000 Direct Relief!


Over $12k in stream donations

We started with an $8,000 goal for the 12 hour stream. After reaching that in the late afternoon, we increased it to a $12,000 stretch goal - which, with about 15 minutes to spare, we surpassed. A huge thank you to everyone who donated, tuned in, and spread the word about this campaign to help us not only meet, but beat our goals.

Skin sales: still going!

Thank you to the talented team at Xtab Studios, Helk, and the entire crew at Facepunch for partnering with us to get two skins on the item store, the proceeds of which go towards our goal also! If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to grab yours on the item store (available till Thursday).

Although we don’t have an exact number at the moment, it’s estimated over $18,000 of the sales will be donated towards our goal. Facepunch and Xtab are both donating their entire proceeds, however, Steam is still taking its cut.


Exact total later this week

Given these two numbers, we can reliably say Charitable Rust has generated over $30,000 for direct relief this year. We’ll check back in later in the week with a final number once the skin sales are complete.

Top donors

Thank you to everyone who donated during the stream, and a special thank you to our top donors of the day:

  • Officer Jake
  • isrustydotnet
  • TankGirl (and her community)
  • -RB- Rudeolph
  • Grimmfang13
  • 500 Anonymous
  • VERTiiGO
  • Ninfiniti
  • ShackyHD
  • Helk

To our special guests

This year was without a doubt a star studded affair! Thank you to every celebrity guest who showed up, including Tank Girl, Vertiigo, Foorun, DyannaTV, eNeru, ThatGermanGuy, RePug, Hutnik, rustintimberlake, ShackyHD, CoconutB, hJun, KillyKAPOWski, Satavej, SippyTango, AJ, JonnySomething, Scudpunk, Rust with Lou, Guacamole Jones, Miss Geek, irisk, FixedSkittlez, SuspectLive, DOA, Ser Winter, Trausi, Bizzlesnaff, Holdacious, Helk, Alistair, Holmzy, and everyone else! You all helped attract a huge audience and filled the day with awesome event after awesome event.

On behalf of our VIP’s

A special thank you goes out to every Rustafied VIP. It’s the VIP program which keeps Rustafied operating and growing, without it we would not have the presence and servers which we do. We’ve saved some of the proceeds throughout the year for this and, on behalf of you all, Rustafied donated $2,292 during this event!

To the production team

This years event was the largest yet, and it took literally hundreds of hours to set up the server, prizes, invites, and everything else which went into the production. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the entire team which helped out. There are way too many of you to name, but you know who you are, and I love you all!

Thank you to everyone else

These acknowledgement posts are always difficult, especially with such a large event. So many people helped us reach (and triple) our goal, it is simply impossible to adequately acknowledge everyone. To all of you who donated, watched the stream, spread the word about the event, or participated in any way - I thank you.

If I missed a special mention to someone in particular, I apologize, and please know that I am forever grateful for what you did.



A big week for Rust!

With the forced map wipe just around the corner, there are some huge changes coming to the game this week. Expect a full summary of changes on our post Thursday.

BP Whip!??!

And now, for the question on everyone's mind: are blueprints going to wipe with the map this week? Although we have not heard official word from Facepunch yet, I am deciding to force a blueprint wipe on all Rustafied servers when the update hits - regardless of if its forced or not.

Thank you all who participated in the poll last week to help us gauge where the community stands on this.

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