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Outlines, recoil shifts, and faster nades

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12:30am EST - Update day is upon us. With the forced map wipe just around the corner - Dec. 7th - there are some big changes about to come in. Given that, this update is a bit sparse on content, but does have some interesting changes.

Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Before we get into it...

Charitable Rust is Saturday!

Our yearly charity event is this weekend! We’ve got a ton of special guests, prizes, games, and events throughout the 12 hour live stream. 100% of funds raised this year will go to Direct Relief - a not for profit organization which helps victims of natural disasters and poverty in over 80 countries.

Check out charitablerust.com for more information and be sure to tune in and join in on the action starting 11am EST on Saturday!

Object outlines

Finding dropped items just became a lot easier with the addition of object outlines. Off by default at the moment, this feature can be turned on by running ‘effects.showoutlines 1’ in console.

Once on, items on the ground will have an outline when aiming near them and have a halo if they are occluded by grass. This will make it much easier to locate fallen items, especially at night. Here are some examples:


Recoil shifts

We’re seeing some changes to firing dynamics this week. First, the Thompson may be much more viable as its aimcone has been reduced. Also, semi auto weapons will feel a bit different as their recoil has been tweaked and aim sway reduced.

Finally, standing and tapping will be more accurate as stance recoil only comes into effect when moving or after the first shot.

Grenade improvements

Tossing grenades at your foe’s will be much quicker after this update. Not only does the pinpull and release happen much faster, grenades always throw at max velocity (so there is no longer a need to hold for a greater throw).

Python skinnable

We’ll be seeing some new flavors of Python’s in game soon as the weapon is now able to be skinned.

No more low X’s

Our newest favorite minigame will be a bit easier on the knees this week as the X’s will no longer be placed low enough to require a crouch when whacking wood.

Other stuff

  • Fix for sign painting UI been dark
  • minor debugcam fix
  • Fixed culling-related flicker sometimes when spawning a new object

Announcing: AU Long

Our newest server is going live: AU Long. Based in Australia (dur), this is a clone of our US and EU long servers. Long and short (see what I did there?), it’s a 200 pop server which only wipes when forced - coming to an official list near you soon.

Blueprint wipe next week?

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about blueprint wipes (specifically, requests for one). Facepunch has said they may force a blueprint wipe at the next forced map wipe (on December 7th) but we have yet to hear confirmation on that either way. We’ve previously said we won’t wipe blueprints on Rustafied servers till Facepunch forces, but it’s also our priority to provide the best experience for players.

Given this, I figured I put out a poll to the community to see if they would like a blueprint wipe on December 7th.

Note: These results will not necessarily dictate whether we do or do not wipe blueprints on Rustafied servers - mainly looking to gauge the temperature on this one.

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Uggg I don't understand why people want a blueprint wipe. If it wipes I will have to hit a shit ton of barrels just to make stupid stuff like chainlink fences, gates and drop boxes. fffffuuuuu

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