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On The Pulse of Rust


New hair, minigame fixes, and half walls.

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It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some fresh hairstyles, tree minigame improvements, satchel charge changes, and more!

New doo’s

Diogo and Matt are making a bunch of progress on player hair this week. Along with fixing several issues with graphical bugs, a third hairstyle is on its way in. Also, hair sets are now tied to players specific race and gender and the new hair colors are on the horizon.

This is still a work in progress and most of the big visual changes are not live on staging yet. That said, your player may be taking a trip to the salon prior to the next update.

Tree minigame fixes

After adding the tree minigame last week, Helk is providing some fixes and improvements. First, the X’s will no longer just go right. Also, they’ll be a bit easier to hit as the rotation of each X has been lowered and the starting X is relative to the initial hit as opposed to random. Finally, the X will always go in the same direction, and never switch directions.

Long and short: the tree minigame should be a bit easier this week.

Satchel changes

Helk has also added some welcomed changes to satches this week. Now, if a satchel hits another satchel, they will attach together as opposed to falling off (no more wasted satchels!). Also, if a satchel is a dud, it will fall off of whatever object it is attached to.

Hapis progress

Alistair continues his changes to the Hapis island map. In addition to the loot changes and various shifts from earlier this month, the launch site dungeon is being added (with APC and all). As with all map shifts, these changes won’t go live till the next forced wipe (December 7th). Stay tuned for more information as the month progresses.

Half wall incoming

Andre - continuing his work on the building system 3.0 - has added a half height wall. Along with this, he’s adjusted the building block order in the radial menu and done more work on building privilege. Like the changes to Hapis, we don’t expect any of this to go live (or be in a testable state) till closer to the forced wipe.

Other stuff

  • Progress on the new junkyards
  • More work on the ‘ho-ho-ho’ Christmas content branch
  • This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden (your guess is as good as mine)


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wew more building options!!!

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