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Building 3.0, dungeon art, and more

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It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing a bunch of forward progress on things for the next forced wipe.

Building 3.0

Andre continues rocking out his work on the building system 3 branch. Aiming to be complete by the end of the month, this branch will feature some significant shifts to how building privilege and decay works.

As mentioned in the last devblog, building privilege will be emitted by building blocks instead of a tool cupboard radius. In addition, they may require (or enforce) only one cupboard per building, add new ways of upkeep, and maybe even some new building blocks - half wall is great and all, but let’s get half blocks back!

Don’t expect any of this in game this week, but stay tuned as the month progresses for more details.

Dungeon art progress

Damien, working on the dungeon art 8 branch, is tweaking and improving the rocket factory. Along with fixing some LOD glitches, he’s made walkway textures more rusted, fixed some lighting bugs, and opened up some additional doors and windows. As with all dungeon art, this work won’t be added till the next forced wipe (Dec. 7th).

Hapis work

Alistair is making some shifts to the north of Hapis. Along with tweaking some of the loot up there, he’s done more work on the snow and ice. As with the dungeon art, these won’t go live till the next forced wipe.

Christmas content

We’re seeing a bit more progress on the ho-ho-ho branch from Vincent. Specifically, he’s added some decorations for doors and windows. This, along with the already existing Christmas content (presents, candy canes, santa hats, stockings, etc.) should make this a very Merry Christmas in Rust.

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