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Commits page, hair progress, and more!

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1:15pm EST - It’s a fresh week in Rust development and we’re seeing changes to the commits page, progress on hair, an updated double barrel world model, and more!


Commits page update

If you are in the habit of browsing the Rust commits page religiously like I do, you’ve probably noticed some shifts recently. Instead of each commit being listed out chronologically, items are now split up between each developer each day.

Also, legibility has been increased as the display of what branch the commit is on has been shortened and added to the tail end of each commit (omitting any text if it’s on the main branch). If you look at the times, the order of each person's commit might be a bit confusing. The commits, however, are in chronological order - the times just don’t show AM or PM at the moment.

If you’d still like to view the commits in the exact order they were added, your best bet is @RustUpdates on Twitter.


Hair progress

Diogo is diving deep into hair implementation this week with a ton of commits to the ‘hair-impl’ branch. So far we’re seeing hair randomized based on steamid, hair collection assigned based on skin/race/sex, and a whole bunch more tweaks to hair overall.

Will hair make it in this week? That is up in the air at the moment, but it does look like the team is pushing to get it added in the near future.

Shotgun world model

Alex has updated the double barrel shotgun worldmodel along with tweaking some of the material settings. Here are two shots:



Christmas is coming

Vincent is working on a new ‘ho-ho-ho’ branch in preparation for the in game Christmas event. Like previous years, we can expect gift boxes to spawn around the map at various intervals, stockings, and maybe even some new stuff for this year - fingers crossed for the airdrop turning into Santa’s sleigh!

Other stuff

  • Flame turret can no longer be locked
  • Viewmodel skinning update for SAR & Eoka
  • Updated the nailgun prefab with new LOD models

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