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Nailguns, Icebergs, Loot, and more!

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12:01am EST - The first Thursday of the month is here, and with it, not only a forced map wipe, but a new gun and some significant changes to maps. At the moment, many of the changes are still on separate branches (and therefore can't be tested). Expect additions to this post throughout the day.

Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it...

Nailgun added

Helk has added a new member to the Rust arsenal: the Nailgun. With it, a new form of ammo: Nailgun Nails. Featuring a 6 round clip, this new gun requires a level 1 workbench, frags and scrap to craft. It is, however, a default blueprint - so no researching required.

At the moment, this is a baseline implementation. The model for the nailgun is a revolver, and the icon for nailgun nails is an arrow. I’ll add more details and pictures once some more polishing has been done, in the meantime, here are some stats:


80 metal frags
10 scrap

Default blueprint
Level 1 workbench

Nailgun Nails
20 frags each

Ice sheets and icebergs

We’re seeing some significant shifts to the arctic biome this week with the addition of icebergs and ice sheets. When traveling up north, players will be able to jump across various ice sheets, and get to a whole new type of icebergs.

This is all still on a separate branch (save153), so we don’t have the ability to test or provide more visuals. It is expected to be merged in shortly though, so check back here soon for more information and pictures.

Stance recoil

Shifts to shooting this week as Helk tweaked some gun dynamics. Crouching will now provide the best accuracy (same as before), moving while firing will result in a much less accurate shot, and accuracy while standing has been reduced.

Topology tiers

A new categorization method for procedural map generation has been added. Parts of the map are now split into three different tiers. These dictate where players spawn, along with what monuments and biome type appear.

Players now only spawn on Tier 0 beaches in temperate climates. Tier 1 and Tier 2 will have no players spawning, but will be either arid, temperate or arctic.

Each monument will now only spawn in its given tier. Launch site, military tunnels, and power plant only appear in the top tier (Tier 2), while airfield, satellite dish, dome, water treatement, trainyard, and ‘radtown3’ will appear in Tier 1. All other monuments and rad areas (i.e. supermarket, gas station, harbor, lighthouse, etc.) will appear in Tier 0 zones.

In conjunction with this, new loot tier types have been added to each monument. Although most of this code is still on a separate branch and therefore cannot be tested, this stands to change loot distribution across the map in a big way.

Hapis changes

Hapis got some love from Alistair this week. Along with adding the Bradley APC (no rocket factory added yet), he’s fixed some exploits and did several changes to radiation around the map.

Savas changes

Savas is also getting some attention this week as we’re seeing some tweaks to loot, exploit fixes, map marker tweaks, and the addition of a north and south recycler.

Other stuff

  • Candle hat is a default blueprint
  • Metal window bars are cheaper to research
  • Fixes to player models (bone scaling, geometry, and more variation to dark skin colors)

EU Long live today!

Our newest server, EU Long, officially goes live today. Similar to its US counterpart, EU Long will have 200 slots and only wipe the map when forced. You can find it on the official server list.

Charitable Rust 2017

Charitable Rust is just 1 month away! Mark the date: December 2nd!

For the third year in a row, we’re putting on a 12 hour livestream event, where all the proceeds go to charity. This year, all funds will go to Direct Relief, a longstanding charity who provides aid to victims of natural disasters and poverty in over 80 countries. For more information, or if you’d like to participate, check out charitablerust.com.

Blueprint wipe?

No. I confirmed with Helk there is no planned forced wipe of blueprints. Certain servers may choose to wipe their blueprints manually, however, Rustafied servers will only wipe blueprints when FacePunch forces (which will not be today).

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I'm hoping someone can explain what exactly is going on with current procedural map thinking, as I really don't understand the direction facepunch are taking with this at the moment.

Over recent months we saw changes to the maps that made real sense to me, with the introduction of Bradley, and the future desire to have him roaming the maps road system, roads were changed to flow more naturally from one monument to the other, this in turn supported the impending addition of vehicles into the game, and how they held up over diverse types of terrain, so far so good, all making sense.

Then the addition of the new blue print system came in, again with the road system in place this meant roads around all parts of the map for players to find items etc. again this makes sense, the map size increase back to 4000 meant roads were longer and worked so much better around the map, and all appeared to be going in the right direction, and I was really looking forward to seeing Bradley trundling down roads, taking out buildings built too close to roads, then out of the blue Update/Devblog 184 came along and from what I can see completely screwed up months of work.

Now no matter what seed I’ve seen or server I visit none of the above work, large monuments tend to be clustered around the centre of the map, we no longer see all the main monuments, I've been on maps now that don't even have a launch site or military tunnels so you stand no chance of finding an elite crate, roads are squished up into one side of the map or another, and you now have vast areas of the maps that have nothing in them at all, not one single monument of any size/tier.

How can this be seen as progression when it breaks everything you have been telling us is the way forward for you, I really like the idea of spawning in areas, and having to travel to find "The good stuff" but all that is currently happening is you are forcing your players to populate smaller and smaller parts of the map, congregating them in areas, and then leaving vast areas of the map practically uninhabitable as there are no components/barrels/boxes for anyone to use.

Please can someone help this player (not a spotty young kid with more money than sense) understand the direction Facepunch are taking on this, in the hope that I can work through any potential teething problems this "Plan" may be experiencing and then hopefully I can continue to enjoy what up until now I thought was one of the best games I have ever played in almost 40 years of gaming.


Thanks Guys

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