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Garage doors, loot balance, and Halloween

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12:02am EST - Update day is here and we’re seeing loot balance, AI tweaks, performance enhancements, and a new type of door.

Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it...


Garage door added

A new building element has been added: the Garage Door. Taking up the same amount of space as the double door, this new gateway slides up and down when opened or closed. Able to be locked (although lock placement is off at the moment), the garage door is a bit stronger than sheet metal doors and likewise, is more expensive (keep in mind, this could change with balance shifts prior to launch).

Unlike the sheet metal door, the garage door is not a default blueprint. Once you find one, it’ll cost 250 scrap to research and then require a level 1 workbench to craft. They are skinnable as well, so expect some visual variations coming soon.

Also, to point out the obvious, no, we don’t have cars in the game yet. This might beg the question: why the hell do we have garage doors then? Well, as Helk told me, this was low hanging fruit as everything was pretty much ready to go - therefore, he decided to just toss it in. Here are some pictures and details:


300 metal frags
2 gears

To research
250 scrap

Work bench
Level 1


To destroy
1 C4
3 rockets
6 satchels

AI Tweaks

After several improvements to AI last week, we’re seeing more tweaks and additions coming today. Along with advances in invalid destination detection, there have been some fixes to AI and player movement physics colliding. Long and short: animals will hopefully move a bit better after the update.

Loot balance

As mentioned in the devblog last week, Helk is planning on changing how loot is dropped entirely. Through shifts to the loot table generation and better item categorization, loot will hopefully be much less RNG feeling, and provide a more rewarding experience overall. As of this moment, these changes have not been merged yet.

Halloween collectibles

In preparation for the spookiest of holidays, the team is planning on several new Halloween collectibles. At the moment it appears these will be items for sale in the store, but we may also see some more jackolanterns around.

Server performance improvements

Server performance has been pretty crappy lately. Thankfully, Helk told me there are a bunch of optimizations coming in today, so hopefully lag and hitches should be greatly improved after the update.

Other stuff

  • Increased ceiling light rope length
  • Added cover to the rocket factory ladder allowing safer access to the roof
  • Fix  for debris field not updating on map
  • Barbeque can no longer be placed in monuments and can no longer clip through walls

Halloween event this Saturday!

In preparation for Charitable Rust, we’re running a Halloween event this Saturday (Oct.28th) from 5pm to 8pm EST. This will not only be an awesome time, it’ll help us stress test several events for the charity event. Check back here (or follow @Rustafied) for the server information prior to start time on Saturday.

Charitable Rust 2017

Mark your calendars: December 2nd will be this year’s Charitable Rust event! With tons of games and prizes, this 12 hour livestream event will help raise funds for charity. For more information, check out my previous post.

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