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On The Pulse of Rust

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LR-300 buff, loot changes, and more.

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1:30pm EST - It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing balance shifts plus forward progress on exciting new features. Let’s get into it...

LR-300 buff

The LR-300 will shoot a bit quicker after this update as the fire rate has been increased by 10%. In addition, it is now skinnable, so expect some fresh looks for this rifle in the near future.

Loot changes

Expect some tweaks to loot drops this week as Helk is working on several tweaks to balance loot tables. First, although it was reverted for now, is that loot spawn properties changed to never produce duplicates. That means you should never find the same of two items in one loot crate. Stay tuned for more details on these shifts as we get closer to Thursday.


Player updates

The new player model updates have once again been merged into the staging branch. These include new faces, various player model improvements, and several types of hair (including facial, head, armpit, eyebrows, and pubic). At the moment, these hairstyles are not applied by default. Instead, they are attire items, and can only be spawned in by admins. Also, player eyeballs are currently missing, which is pretty creepy looking.

I wouldn’t expect hair to make it in the update this week, but it does look like these player model updates might - although they have been reverted several times now after being merged, so who knows...

Vehicle progress

As we know from the roadmap and previous devblogs, several types of vehicles will be added to Rust in the future. Vincent is working on a new vehicles branch, and his commits are starting to shed light on some features to expect.

First, there is a cage module for prisoner and slave transportation. Also, there will be at least two types of storage modules: a short flatbed and a long flatbed. At the moment, most of the work appears preliminary, so I wouldn’t expect to be rolling around the landscape any time soon. As always, we’ll keep you up to date as this branch progresses.

Other stuff

  • Bow change reverted (this went live in a hotfix over the weekend)
  • Hapis Island exploit fixes
  • No longer automatically call "backup" on server start by default (better for server providers, add +backup to your startup parameters if you want this)
  • Two sided hanging sign & landscape picture frame unlocked if player has Steam item

Steam reviews

Incase you missed it on last week's devblog, Rust steam reviews have been taking a beating lately. If you’re enjoying the game, please take a couple minutes to write a positive review for it.

Seeking server moderators

In the interest of maintaining the highest caliber of servers possible, Rustafied is looking for more moderators. We are only looking for experienced applicants - so if you’re over 18 years of age, and have a background in moderating for Rust or other games, please go fill out an application today!

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