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On The Pulse of Rust

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Tweaks and improvements

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2:00pm EST - It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’re seeing some improvements and fixes. Let’s get into it...


Auto turret loses target after it's out of range

Once a target is acquired, auto turrets have continued to fire upon the object, even after it went out of range. Helk has shifted that this week, making it so the turret will disengage a foe once they are out of range.


Andre is working on a new branch called “eac_api_2_1.” With several commits related to authentication, it appears the main goal is to reduce the number of authentication timeouts. A new convar (playertimeout) has also been added to adjust the ‘unresponsive’ kick time.

Given this is still on a separate branch, we won’t see these improvements in game till the code is merged with the main branch.

Skin loading

Spawning in game should be a bit quicker as the loading screen no longer waits for all skins to finish downloading by default. This can be changed, if you so wish, by setting ‘skinwarmup 1’ in console.


Combat log info

Andre has added a new ‘info’ column to the combat log which shows whether the target was wounded or killed with that hit (although I'm only seeing 'killed' messages at the moment). As always, you can access your combat log in game by bringing up the console (F1) and typing ‘combatlog’.

Other stuff

  • More item description updates and fixes
  • Added smoke effects to bradley treads
  • More progress from Taylor on the skin updates branch
  • More progress from Alex on the new arms
  • Attempted fix for an NRE which occurs in player culling

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