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Small Monuments are here!

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12:40am EST - The first Thursday of September is here, which means two things: Update and forced wipe. As always, there is no set time for the patch to go live, however, it normally hits between 2pm and 5pm EST.

Our update stream goes live at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it...

Small Monuments added

Highlight of this update, two Small Monuments (or Smalluments) have been added. The Supermarket and Gas Station can be found near roads around the map. There are generally 3 or 4 Small Monuments on the default map size (which is now larger, see below), and like other monuments, you can’t build in the vicinity of them.

They feature ample loot - barrels, food crates, wooden crates, weapon crates - and are accessible by any Tom, Dick, or Newman because there is no radiation present. Cherry on top: they each have a recycler!

Given they are much smaller than a normal dungeon, it is much easier for the team to whip up new ones - so expect more in the future! I’m looking forward to how these ‘Smalluments’ will continue to shift the Rust landscape over the coming months.



Enter the supermarket via a wide double doorway. Directly in front of you, a cash register on a counter. To the right, a ‘News & Mags’ stand - look for the food crate on the bottom rack, facing the windows (or what’s left of them). To the left, several aisles of miscellaneous shelves, including another food crate or two.

As you walk towards the register, there are two doors towards the rear of the store. The door on the left leads you to a small office with a desk and chair, exit door, and a wooden crate of loot. The door on the right leads to a room with some lockers and a rear exit door, but no loot.

Around the back there is a fenced in area with a recycler, another wooden crate, and a ladder to the roof. On the roof you find another wooden crate and a weapon crate. As you leave the area, find several barrels and grab another crate near a barricade out front.



Gas Station

Passing the four pumps on the right, you duck under the garage door to find a recycler and hole in the ground. Follow the ladder down to a short tunnel with a wooden loot box at the end. Doubling back, enter through the front door to find shelves with various food crates, a counter, and three doors.

To the far left, a bathroom with a food crate above the toilet (yuck). Beyond the register, doors to the storage room and office. The office doesn’t appear to have any loot spawns, but does have a door to the garage.

The storage room has several shelves including a food box and weapon crate. Jumping on two boxes, gain access to the roof via an opening in the ceiling. Once on the roof, find two weapon crates (one above the garage, the other above the gas pumps). As with the Supermarket, there is also loot to be found around the perimeter.


Default map size increased

With the addition of these new Small Monuments, the default map size was getting a bit cramped. Given this, Andre has upped the default size from 3500 to 4000.

Note for Rustafied servers: We’ve been running 4k on most of our servers for a long time now (also 3k on smalls and 5k on odd) so this change will not affect map size on any Rustafied except for staging (which always sticks with defaults).

Priority spawns for monuments

To help control which show up most often, a priority has been added for monuments being spawned on any given map seed. With this, the Rocket Factory has been made the top priority.

Other stuff

  • More recoil changes likely coming in (heard from Helk, stay tuned)
  • Fix for Bradley shooting through the rocket factory roof
  • overlays no longer visible in third person (scope/helmet)
  • added 3rd person animations for holding the camera properly.
  • tweaked the 3rd person walking animations
  • Updated to Unity 2017.1.1f1
  • Fixed some foods having missing sounds when consumed
  • Consuming raw foods now makes the player vomit (better feedback)

Introducing: Rustafied.com - Long

We’re opening a new server in the US by the name of Long. With the main servers, we push the limits of how many players can the game manage after a fresh wipe. With Long, we aim to see how many players can be sustained reliably between forced wipes.

We’re starting it with 200 slots, a 4k map, and wipes only when forced. Look for Rustafied.com - Long on the official list after the update today!

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