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Update Time!

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12:30am EST - Update day is upon us and we have larger spawn areas, reduced fog, optimization, and potentially much more.

Our update stream starts at 2pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let's get into it...

New recoil for Assault Rifle

Helk is experimenting with the new recoil system on the AK (similar to the MP5 and LR300). It is not 100% promised to be in for the update this week, however, he is 'shooting' for it... yuk yuk...

Larger spawn areas

Newmans will be more spread out when arriving on a beach as the coastal spawn areas have been made larger. The spawn handler density enforcement has also been improved, meaning it should be less likely to spawn right next to someone.


Bradley progress

Helk has been working on the Bradley a lot this week. He's finished a bunch of functionality, including the basic navigation and path finding of the launch site dungeon. It is not yet clear if this will make it into the update this week, but Helk told me he is trying very hard to make that the case.

Fog reduced

The density and distance of fog has been reduced by up to half in certain conditions. Here is an example of old fog vs. new (it may look slight here, but keep in mind fog amounts vary dpending on position and time).


Garbage collection

Andre, focusing on optimization (as he does) honed in on garbage collection this week. Garbage collection is used to free up resources in the game. Unfortunately, if garbage collection happens too frequently, it can be a source of hitches and poor performance. With this in mind, he’s eliminated a bunch of garbage collection allocations for various sounds and effects.


Less logs

You’ll be seeing less logs on the ground as of this update. After being made harvestable back in July, wooden logs (or driftwood) will now spawn 30% less than before.

Small monuments soon

Vincent and Damian continue trucking on the small monuments branch. These small monuments will spawn near roads around the map and provide fresh opportunities for new players to find loot.

As with all monument and dungeon art, we can’t expect to see these in game till the next forced wipe at the earliest (on September 7th).

Other stuff

  • More description fixes and updates
  • A bunch of fixes for OSX
  • Removed max draggable from items (except liquids)
  • Added "authtimeout" convar (default = 10 seconds)
  • Progress on the AI branch

Rustaforum design update

I’m happy to report the new design for rustaforum.com is complete! All the functionality is the same, however, the design now matches rustafied.com. If you have any comments or questions about the new design, please put in a ticket at our support page.

check it out

Rustafied 2017 Poll

Our mid-year poll for Rustafied is still going on. If you haven’t already, please take a couple moments to answer some questions. We use this data to plan our growth and prioritize shifts in the organization, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Take the poll

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