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  1. April's Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    That is so nice to hear.. Cant wait to have you on board again then But yeah its not always so easy when some of the the bigger clans can ruin it a bit for you, but i really think you did a great job with your building.
  2. April's Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    All of you guys did a REALLY great job with your buildings!!! Its so exciting to see what people come up with in theese events Keep up those awesome building skills, and dont let it bring you down if your team doesn´t win this time.. cuz you might win another time
  3. April's Community Building Event 4/6-4/27

    Well, the event is not starting until today (after the wipe... which they just did on some of them) So no, its not going to change anything Good luck
  4. April's Community Building Event 4/6-4/27

    Yes, you can build on all Rustafied servers
  5. April's Community Building Event 4/6-4/27

    Thank you for signing up CliraXxX Good luck with your building.
  6. Community Build-a-thon!!!

    Looks so great guys
  7. Medium & Medium II

    Hello Nethen. Maybe try to play on Our Main server instead, (or some of the other servers we have), since those have a 1 week wipe only? Just an idea Have a nice day //Shadow
  8. Community Build-a-thon!!!

    This i going to be so much fun Sign up and show us your build skills... Cant wait to see what´s coming up
  9. Yeah it would be fun, but as far as i was told, the Parkour was to big to save and "Copy-Paste" But maybe it can happen in the future.. We´ll see //Shadow
  10. Hello Domo. Unfortuneately the server is not up anymore. What goes for the Oxide plugin "Copypaste", i will try to find out if we can help you with that or not. Thank you for your kind words.. It was a great day and an awesome event, that will take place again next year Hope you will be able to join then. Regards from Shadow
  11. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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