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  1. DOA

    Charitable Rust Bar

  2. DOA

    Commercial 1

  3. DOA

    Bar going up on Long

    If you want to help out find the Bar on the north east side of the map on Rustafied Long right in the water and save up your wood donations.
  4. DOA

    Charitable Rust

    Charitable Rust Mega Bar
  5. DOA

    Rustafied Main Wipe Day

    wipe hype! I am building the mega Bar for the charity event, so I will be taking a break building on main for a bit. Be sure to check it out on Dec 2.
  6. Thanks so much for your warm welcome to Rust, it is greatly appreciated!  Got any suggestions for a good server with friendly members and fair play?  Thanks again!


  7. Kat

    So i gotta ask. How did you become so notorious on main? I've played with a bunch of groups that are like, "dude thats DOA's base. DO NOT SHOOT THEM"

  8. w00t found a fix

  9. Love to join back with the EAC is fixed. I can't join since 2 updates ago.

  10. I hate the revive system. You should have to use a medkit or something to revive a downed person.

    1. WIRide


      I totally agree, makes it more "realistic." 

  11. wipe hype! The day of area sleeping bags has arrived.

  12. "radial reset of sleeping bags upon spawn (default 50m in all directions) " My body is ready for some base camping

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