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  1. Please send me one of a kind VIP for me you're brother. brother anyone GIF

  2. Hello,  i  was  banned  on  Rustafied Medium  Eu for Association , when  i was  playing friendly with  my   friends,  and i i   dont  know how  i got it,  if   i was  offline... could i  get unban  somehow?

  3. bro i already pay for vip almost a month but ididnt get the vip i still wait queue to join the server if u have any social media that i can contact easier than this web please tell me ill send u the screen shot of the payment via social media

    1. OneTapMachine


      maybe discord or something

  4. Please unban as soon as you can because i really want to be on next wipe

  5. 😳😳😳🍆


    ironman in endgame 😤😤



    1. Dremaus1911


      what type of comment is this?

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