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  1. Dear moderators,

               HELLOW,I was kicked off the server in EU Trio II for overcrowding,but i joined my team in the game.I don't know anything about their overcrowwding. I hope u could help me lift the ban.

               my steam id:76561199162147828

               thank you 


  2. Dear moderators,

              Hi,I have been banned from EU MAIN 's server.I don't know why. I guarantee that my teammates and i are normal players.I hope the moderator can help me to remove the ban.

               Thank you very much,wish you a happy life.

    My team Steam ID:






  3. what does waiting for user mean on my ban appeal

  4. My friend bought the VIP, but it didn't arrive

    His steam ID 7656119839885211

  5. 亲爱的管理员。我在欧洲三重奏服务器上被踢出比赛。因为我有四个球员带领我退出了比赛, 我保证这种事不会再发生了。请帮我解除禁令。我非常喜欢在这个服务器上玩游戏。  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198846852420/

  6. 亲爱的管理员。我在欧洲三重奏服务器上被踢出比赛。因为我有四个球员带领我退出了比赛, 我保证这种事不会再发生了。请帮我解除禁令。我非常喜欢在这个服务器上玩游戏.com。

  7. 亲爱的管理员。我在欧洲三重奏服务器上被踢出比赛。因为我有四个球员带领我退出了比赛, 我保证这种事不会再发生了。请帮我解除禁令。我非常喜欢在这个服务器上玩游戏。我的蒸汽ID:7656119884685220

  8. I had to send this email. I didn’t get a reply on Rustafied.com/Support. I was banned from the US Trio server. I was banned while sleeping offline. The reason was that my teammates were poisonous and violated the rules of the game. As a result, I was also banned. I have deleted him. I like this server and don’t want to lose this server. I hope the administrator will give me a chance to lift my ban. 

  9. hello sir ı have ban alo tıme but u thınk ıts wrong servers said trio ban but ı dont play plz help me my accounthttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129319161/home

    really ı dont play trio ı plau only offical and a lot tıme ı dont play your servers

  10. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Hello, I want to get help from you . I bought rust for the first time and played, and then I entered the trio server, I was banned because I exceeded the trio rules, and my first ban, I didn't know because I was new rules, and my friend left the game, and then shared his password, so my account was closed . Can you give it a chance ? . I'm an honest player


  12. tell me why i ban
  13. а можете посмотреть за что меня забанили просто я не понимаю причину ассоциация, можете пояснить? ссылка на профиль https://steamcommunity.com/id/46518941654984654565/ 

    или цифры 387660009

  14. Why did you ban me? My SteamID is 76561198829885403 I was banned by the EU main server for a year. I didn't do anything. Why block me? What's the reason for banning me?

  15. Dear administrator

    I'm a player who loves. COM server very much. I don't know what's the reason for ban. Please find out the reason for ban and lift the ban for me. Thank you very much

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