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  1. Rust SLI Support

    I´ve been told that this profile only works for some people. When my vacation starts il try to see if i can do a work arround for those who can´t get it working. The profile is attached here. Rust profile (1).nip
  2. Rust SLI Support

    Unknows settings are in the bottom of Nvidia inspector. You can pvt me your email and il send u the working profile rdy to import.
  3. Custom Signs

    Hello Is it posseble on rustafied servers to apply custom Url pictures to signs and picture frames atm ? Best regards
  4. Rust SLI Support

    Big FPS improvement after the last update running 100+ fps again. SLI works as a charm now but can still be much more improved. For those of you SLI gamers, private msg me and i can provide custom profile.
  5. Well if you ask me, the admins should play and be active dossent matter on what account. The community and tone is rotten in the server, active and online admins could easy fix this.
  6. Rust SLI Support

    So you want to get it setup? You'll need two things: Nvidia Inspector & EVGA Precision X or any GPU monitor program. Next you'll want to open Nvidia Control Panel, go to Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Select Rust.exe > Change SLI rendering mode to Force alternate frame 2. Then Apply settings. Now open up Nvidia Inspector, click on the profile settings. Select RUST from the profiles. Underneath the profile name you should see exe files in green. If you only see rust.exe you'll need to add RustClient.exe. Go to Add Application to Current Profile and go to your Rust folder in steamapps/common and select Rustclient.exe. Afterwards apply these settings under SLI: Nvidia Inspector Settings You'll want to keep those settings the same other than the Number of GPUs to use, obviously change that to the amount of GPUs you have in SLI. Afterwards select the Show Unknown Settings. Then go to Unknown and change MULTICHIP_OGL_OPTIONS to 0x00000002. Then Apply changes at the top right. For this to work you need Rust in Fullscreen, doesn't matter on the resolution. It just has to be full screen. Open your GPU monitor software and then Rust. When you're in Rust you should see a large indicator that SLI is running, example. If you do not see that, something is wrong. Now look at your GPU monitoring software, this is what GPU2 should look like. It should not look like this, this means your GPU is idling. If everything works you'll want to quit and pull up Nvidia Inspector and set SLI indicator to MCSFRSHOWSPLIT_DISABLED. Both my cards are running at 50 % usage and ive got a huge improvement in frames. Keep in mind the current patch has some lag but that will get fixed soon i think, many people have this issue so its not related to SLI. Happy Gameing I can send you the profile ? easyer for your gamers to just import it to Nvidia inspector and u can stick it to the topic ?
  7. Rust SLI Support

    SLi works for me not 100% but added 30+ frames Im running sli 1080 GTX on beautiful settings in 1440p 100 fps. I had to do some tweeking in Nvidia inspektor but yah took 10 min.
  8. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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