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  1. It has been a fun ride Ladies and Gentlemen! We've had a lot of memories with this sexy beast over the last couple of years, the good, the bad, and the downright illegal. But the times they are a changin and like Garry with Rust, we gotta move on to better things! It is time to say goodbye to our old lover. It won't be easy and you served us well, but we are a fickle companion and have found someone more attractive who treats us better, it's name is Discord. Yes the relationship is still young, but soon it will blossom into so much more. And so with that my friends, please join me in saying goodbye TeamSpeak, we will always keep a small place in our hearts for you..
  2. mod

    Well, Rustafied is mainly comprised of alcoholics and I believe you would be a great fit! Please send me your application at your leisure. P.S. - Best of luck with dem immigrants in Sweden.
  3. Hey Bill are you still looking to fill moderation position?


  4. hi bill can you read my masage thet i send you waiting for ur respond



  5. ~Updated 2/22/18~ Attention: We are currently only accepting applications for the Community team. All other applications will be reviewed at a later date. The Community Team is looking for Plugin Developers. Thank you for your interest in joining Rustafied! This thread will provide you with the basic information you need to get the ball rolling. A little about us Rustafied started the same week "Experimental Rust" servers were released to the public. Bugs set out to host the best community servers around. In addition to the servers, he also started Rustafied.com which highlighted all changes to the game and hosted the best guides around. In a short amount of time, the name Rustafied became synonymous with quality among the Rust community. In December of 2015, Garry Newman approached Bugs and asked if he would like Rustafied to be listed as an official server and oh boy, have things blown up since then. Over the past years we have grown tremendously thanks to our amazing community and dedicated staff. Rustafied has around 40 people on deck at any time doing a little of everything; voice acting, artwork, moderation, programming, writing, and so much more. We look for the best of the best to help make this community the greatest it can be. Ya think you got what it takes to be a member of the Rustafied Crew? How we work Rustafied is comprised of 5 teams which take care of different aspects of the organization. Moderation Team - The meat and potato's of Rustafied. Fights the never ending war against them hacker folk. Media Team - The faces you will recognize the most, this team handles Twitch streams and YouTube. Community Team - This team handles the social aspects of Rustafied and runs our events, the premier of which being Chartiable Rust, our annual charity drive. Operations Team - Ops handles staffing, organizational balancing, and internal disputes. Systems Team - Systems handles the most sensitive aspects of Rustafied. Some of those aspects are server maintenance, the VIP system, and programming. FAQ How do I become a Moderator? There are two steps involved in joining our Moderation team, first you'll need to join the Rustafied Crew (See below). If you can get your foot in the door, we will move you on to the next step. What can I expect my first few weeks with Rustafied? The following is a rough breakdown of the road to Moderator. CREW (2 weeks) - The "social" stage. During this time we just want to get to know you. You'll be expected to be a social butterfly in order to get your name out and start getting familiar with our team. You will also need to complete the JMod training program prior to the next stage. Junior Moderator (4-5 weeks) - The "trainee" stage. As a Jmod, you will have restricted ability to moderate and start to sit in on active Moderation. You will need to grab more experienced Moderators to assist with certain tasks. Moderator - Full Rustafied Moderator, congrats, ya made it! Is this a paid position? Almost all Rustafied positions are on a volunteer basis including moderation. What kind of time commitment are you looking for? We ask all staff to be around a minimum of 3 hours a week to be considered active. Though we are laid back as hell, if you have IRL stuff, get busy with work/school, or just need some time away it's cool. Joining Rustafied To get the process started, you will want to follow the link at the bottom of this post which will take you to our recruitment system, bear in mind that you must be signed in to RustaForum to submit an application! Fill it out and give us some time to review. Keep in mind that we are very picky with who makes the cut. We'll reach out to you regardless of you making the cut or not. We get a ton of applications and inquiries to join and we only consider those we think are the top of the class. Rustafied Crew Application - Sign-in Required If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a member of our recruitment team! PandaPuffs LetsHavePie TheProfessor
  6. Hi all! So the long and short of today is that a recent update for Rust opened up a zero day exploit on ALL Rust servers. At around 1:15 EST reports starting coming in from Rustafied servers regarding items being spawned in mass, as we moved into "damage control" mode reports began to come in from other major servers experiencing the same issue. Garry and friends managed a hotfix that was rolled out at 5:40 today which fixed the exploit. However the damage has been done. Other server owners will respond in various ways I am sure, but it has always been the Rustafied motto that game play comes first. That game play element was compromised on 4 of our servers which we were able to fix with a simple roll back. Unfortunately EU Medium was forced into a full wipe due to lingering security concerns. On behalf of the Rustafied team, I want to thank all of you for your continued patience today. For the full write up, visit us at Rustafied.com.
  7. a VERY interesting topic!

    #voiceactivationmasterrace #mechanicalkeyboard #dealwithit
  8. Your favourite part of the game

    In honor of legacy finally dying, I gotta say my favorite feature of the game was the sheer randomness of it. Back when Rust was a truly hopeless landscape and most people just ran around doing random shit hoping to randomly stumble across a lucrative opportunity. The door preachers, rad town camps (not walls), those lunatics who ran around screaming into the mic non stop, the lone mother fucker with nothing but a p90 and a dream. Now we spend hours farming to build an insane base to protect what we spent hours farming for. We spend all our time in what I like to call "The Helk Cycle". So for me, it's the RP, what little of it is left. I salute those of you still acting like the lost and scared Newman that you are going into 2017!
  9. This conversation has been going on since the dawn of gaming and recently it has come up again. So we want to know what you; the player has to say on the matter! Let us know with a vote and if you're more passionate about the topic, leave a reply letting us know how you feel. I'm looking for some great feedback here so feel free to be brutally honest with us =)
  10. check to massage...plz..


    I swear we don't use hack..
  11. Discord or Teamspeak?

    Yo Jon, welcome back m8! We've been wanting to switch to Discord for a while now and ofc as soon as it gets the green light we start seeing huge problems with it. We'll be sticking with TS for now, but will be trying to avoid the clusterfuck that was 100+ channels. And for nostalgia sake's =)
  12. Paid research servers

    @TX-Deluxe We have no official affiliation with FacePunch (as recently demonstrated..) and the only extent to which our servers are examined is at the coding level for performance considerations. As for the servers, I can assure you that there will always be free to play Rustafied servers as long as we are still alive and kicking. @Image I agree that pay to play servers would not eliminate hackers completely, but it definitely makes the cost of entry higher, in turn reducing the total potential. Regardless with the way Rust is now, randomly kicking players would be a rather poor option considering how much work they could lose with a poorly timed kick (think middle of a raid). The more likely scenario would be a 120 slot server say with 60 slots reserved at all times with an additional 40 slots open to the public and 20 slots extra as a buffer for peak times. For free users it would effectively be a x/40 server and donors x/60. There are still balancing challenges but hey that's what we're here for xD (Just for the record, this is theory crafting, not what were actually planning on doing.)
  13. Paid research servers

    Can't say much more at the moment than it's something we're considering, but a donor only style server may not be the first option given early results.
  14. Bugs' Overreaction to Holmzy Law

    Eh, to be fair most server owner's and admins were up in arms with this, not just Bugs. On a personal note... For many of us who have invested a considerable amount of time into making this game the best it can be, this came as a huge and unexpected middle finger from the big man himself. When it comes to Rustafied, we've always kept integrity at the forefront of our values and a good amount of effort has gone into researching and policing our own staff. Needless to say, I have had to say goodbye to more than one friend who had compromised their integrity during their time with us. For all the time, effort and stress of last year, we get a "they can't be trusted" from Garry.. Shit sucks, and I think our (Rust admins at large) reactions favored emotion over logic more than we would care to admit. But that's just my two cents.
  15. "Holmzy’s Law In an attempt to raise transparency and stem the tide of admin abuse accusations, any item spawned by an admin is now broadcast to the whole server in chat. " Update 1/20/2016 - The FP team has come up with a fix for admins which will allow us to do our jobs without the need to spawn things. Well be continuing to modify our stance on this as these additions go live (within the next week or so). We at Rustafied believe the less you see admin actions, the more immersive your game experience is. This is why our admins are usually quiet in chat, why most of our warnings are done verbally through spectate, and why base's in the shape of a swastika just suddenly disappear for no apparent reason. This throws a bit of a monkey wrench into our style. Brass tacks; we spawn items in from time to time to keep shit running smoothly. This can look like some food or a stone hatchet for a new player, a hatchet to remove a sign saying "fuck Jews", pants and a shirt so we don't look fucking homeless when TPing to someone, or in rare cases even C4 to remove hundreds of Nazi signs plastered on a mountain side. All of this has been heavily audited by the senior most members of Rustafied since we started. Let me be clear, some of us have invested 20+ hours a week for over a year to get to where we are now. We will not chance losing that due to some shithead who wants to go on a power trip. You have trusted us as your destination for everything Rust since launch. I personally intend to make sure that does not change. TLDR As stated, we occasionally must spawn items to keep shit running smoothly. For the time being, our Moderation staff have been instructed to carry on as they have been without defending or justifying their actions to the masses. While this may well change, I ask that in the meantime you give our guys the benefit of the doubt. As always, if you suspect genuine admin abuse, please contact myself via PM here on the forums or E-mail Bugs directly at [email protected] Be sure to include any evidence you may have in the message. Of course, all claims of abuse are handled confidentially and are never relayed to the admin in question regardless of the outcome. Thanks for your time! BILL! - Rustafied Leadership

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