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    Hello everyone! If you would like to join us officially head over to http://nightmareofrust.com We are the oldest clan still remaining in the game :) we actually played rustafied servers back when they only had one server and we're just a community server. We started all the way back in the year of 2014! We accept almost everyone here. You just need to have a good attitude and a desire to play with a larger group. We are a great choice if you play the game to have fun and want to participate in big clan raids. If you are looking for a competitive pvp group you won't find that here. What you will find is a great group of people, a place to meet people and make new friends, somewhere to learn and improve on skills, and a place you'll have fun in. I hope to see you in our clan :) Have a great day -Mr. Gray

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    Looking for an active zerg with constant end-game gameplay? GFX May be the choice for you! We play on several servers and are spread out all across timezones, making sure we always have someone on! We are looking for all members, so if you wish to join, fill out the form and an owner / admin will reach out to you accordingly! Form ---> https://forms.gle/kfKEFxPapEjdBPZg9 Discord ----> https://discord.gg/SWJctYx

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    We play Rustafied long II and we never take a L

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    5.00 USD

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