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  1. Why are VAC banned players allowed on your servers?

    Hi Bambi's Mother, We allow players who have VAC bans or game bans from other games because they weren't hacking in Rust, if they do and are caught by our moderators then they will be banned from our servers. There are servers out there that do not allow VAC/Game ban players to play on their servers. With Hacker Association bans we are very careful with those types of bans just because innocent players can be caught in the cross fire, so we only ban players that we can prove know for a fact that their partner is cheating and even then we are still careful about making those bans. ~PurpleFae
  2. Well we do have this section of our forums here
  3. Please help me with this ticket.

    Hi Garry, As everyone has commented here, appeals take time. Each ban is only handled by the banning moderator unless special circumstances arise. We are all volunteers here but we do the best we can. ~PurpleFae
  4. Hackers on EU Low Pop

    Sorry you lost stuff to a hacker so if you have a player to report I would post it here.
  5. Banned and it is not my fault :(

    Please submit a ticket here to appeal your ban.
  6. Lack of admins is ruining this server

    We don't announce ourselves if we are on the server unless we came on to talk, even if I ban some one I very rarely say thing afterwards. This helps us catch the hackers and also keeps immersion. If you report their names we can look them up still, it takes more effort but it can be done.
  7. Admin Coverage

    If you have a name you can come into our ts and report straight to a mod or to our player report in the forums. Sadly there have been a lot more fly hackers and we have been banning them as we catch them but it helps us more when players come in and tell us whats going on. The VIP money goes towards maintaining the servers, us moderators are all volunteers.
  8. Bought VIP, don't know where to go.

    Please submit a VIP support ticket and we can help you resolve this further.
  9. Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    Yea it had to be fully wiped... Wiping a server is our last resort when it comes to issues like this.
  10. Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    Yes, they should have been rolled back already.
  11. Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    Hey everyone please submit a player report in the support tab or leave a message about the hacker for a mod in teamspeak(name server is the best if some one is busy) Sorry about the inconvenience everyone! We're working on controlling this as much as we can! Thankfully we were not hacked! It's a Rust wide issue we(Rustafied) are all trying to control and FacePunch should be working on figuring out the issue! Sorry about the inconvenience everyone!!
  12. Server rollback 2/3/2017 MEGATHREAD

    Hey guys, it is indeed a known exploit that FP is aware about and working on fixing.
  13. unban pls

    Please submit a support ticket.
  14. Awesome DOA!! I really have to check this place out now
  15. Burn baby burn!!

    If I wanted to spend a couple hundred on arrows I could test it out.

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