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  1. Why is my VIP dont work ?


    1. Ninstox


      Hello FrantiG,

      Please stick to using support tickets for communication as this will allow other customer support officers to support you with any problems.

      I do not work tickets 24/7, so I only just got your message which means you have been waiting for some hours. Somebody else working tickets may have been able to assist you sooner.



  2. Hello FrantiG,

    Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and take into consideration the points below!

    • You won't be able to start new topics or reply to threads on certain forums - once you have increased your post count these will become available to you.
    • You could start by posting an introduction! Get to know the others and let them get to know you.
    • You start in the Newmans group, but can be promoted to Full Members and even Pro Members if you're active enough! Just don't spam!

    Here are our rules and here are our terms & conditions. You can find our privacy policy here, our VIP store here, and our ban appeals/VIP support/general inquiries form here.

    Don't forget to check out your personal profile link at View Member!

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