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  1. lo siento pero tuve un problema, me han vetado porque un amigo ya no iba a jugar y en su posición puse a otro a jugar para ser 3. Lo siento si fue molesto, me gustaría saber que puedo hacer, gracias

    1. Ojirex


      Don't end support if you haven't resolved it ...

  2. 포테이토님 지금 밴을 당하고 3년 이라는 시간이 지낫습니다 혹시 밴 관련 하여 저는 vac 전과가 없습니다 혹시 풀어 주실수 있으시겟습니까 ?  지금 시아 미디움도 vip 도 사서 다시 시작할려고 하고 있습니다 밴좀 풀어주시면 감사하겟습니다 

  3. 포테이토님 도와주세요ㅠㅠ junhyuck97#8821

  4. Hello I am messaging you because me (Get Rekt) and my teammate (Thunder) got banned for a trio violation on your US Bi-Weekly server today.  Players offered to give away there base to us as they were logging off for the rest of the wipe. This clearly now violates the rules and we are very sorry and didn't mean to. At the time we did not know of the rule and I am requesting us to both be unbanned if possible. That'd be amazing as we already had a lot of stuff and spent time on getting that stuff as well. Again we are very sorry and it won't happen again. Pleaseunban us.

    steam Id: 76561198403065142

     Steam Id: 76561198101446890

  5. I really hope you can help me unseal the server. I didn't see that rule is my fault. I will abide by the rule in the future. I hope you can unseal it for me

  6. Dear moderators,

               HELLOW,I was kicked off the server in EU Trio II for overcrowding,but i joined my team in the game.I don't know anything about their overcrowwding. I hope u could help me lift the ban.

               my steam id:76561199162147828

               thank you 


  7. i didnt see the rule about not changing team on this i have spent a lot of time on this wipe. one of my friends just got the game and joined the  server he played for around an hour and got off. our other friend who always play with me and isnd came on so we kicked the other guy and now we are banned. now that i know about this rule can we please get unbanned and carry on what we was doing it was a silly mistake and it wont happen again.

    thank you. jamie.

  8. unban me you can check my steam ip or anything this is my only steam account so how is it connected to a game ban pls unban me 


  9. When I played on US Torio last month, I was playing with 3 people, but I couldn't play Rust by 1 person, so I reorganized a party with new members and played. Therefore, although it is temporary such as TC, 4 members have been registered. We are aware that we have been banned due to lack of management, but we will prevent this from happening in the future, so could you please cancel the ban? Thank you for your consideration.


  10. What nafig SteamId is tied to the ban, I don't have more than one ban in the rast game, only on your server, why should I write there in Anti-Cheat if I have NO BAN

  11. 你好!我在SEA LONG被禁止了游戏我不清楚为什么我希望您可以给我解除禁令我非常热爱这个游戏我已经玩了很长一段时间了3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令



    1. bayaer


      你好! 我在SEA LONG   被禁止了游戏 我不清楚为什么 我希望您可以给我解除禁令 我非常热爱这个游戏 我已经玩了很长一段时间了 3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令 除了上次在EU TIRO ! 希望您可以给我解除  谢谢

  13. thx for unbanning me

    1. DemoPan420


      lol he assigned me to a "banning moderator", how did he unban you himself? Did he just lie to me lmao??

  14. i do not know them


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