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  1. Im begging you Chip, please unban me man. Im going to my hometown and not bringing my pc the day I get unbanned and I wanna play rust now

  2. Hey chip please check out the appeal man I would really appreciate you if I could be unbanned sooner. I’m going to my home town in a month and I want to play rust before I go

  3. Jet18

    Can you please reply to my ban appeal?


    1. Jet18




    2. Jet18


      All I need is for you to reply please so I can start playing again.


    3. Chip


      I was out yesterday and got back today - it can take up to 72 hours for a response. Looks like your ticket was most likely already responded to.

  4. bad admin

    1. Chip



  5. Hello, im the guy from discord we spoke. Richy. it was cause of my friend ban appel if you could look into it.  sorry for annoying you. #116991 

  6. Melex

    bruh would you check my ban appeal please?? I already past my ban time like two weeks ago.

    1. Chip


      It will be responded to ASAP! It can take up to 72 hours but typically it is responded way before that.

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