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  1. Hi Flick, You need to submit a ticket in the support section of our website. To submit a ticket click the support dropdown menu on the top of this page and choose the option support request. A VIP staff member will respond to your inquiry ASAP. Sincerely #Hex
  2. It works for me. I think it might be a redirection issue if you are already on the forums but I was able to see the ticket form as you can see here.
  3. For some reason the link indeed redirects to the top of the page. Try https://forum.rustafied.com/support You should see a form to be filled in with all the details pertaining to your ban. Then a moderator will get back at you.
  4. Hi Blue_ If you wish more information regarding a ban or you wish to appeal an issued ban you can submit a ticket through our support section. Sincerely #Hex
  5. That is a node-hotspot if ever I have seen one. 😅 Hope you made it home safely with all of those materials.
  6. Hi Kingstrip, We are aware of this situation and are working alongside the developers to try and solve this problem. I can assure you that the performance from our side (the servers themselves) are more than optimal. We strive to give the best possible service and after investigation of our server performances we came to the conclusion that it is not a server-side issue. Therefore we are in contact with the developers to try and find what is causing this and resolve it ASAP. Thank you for your concern, Sincerely #Hex
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