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  1. Hey ThatGui11, We don't communicate if or when people are being banned. You can however consult our issued bans here and see for yourself. Hope it helps, Sincerely #Hex
  2. Hi Welekek, It has been brought to our attention. Our Systems department is aware of the situation and actively investigating it. Sincerely #Hex
  3. Hi Prof. Bear, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have informed our Systems department and they will look into it. Sincerely #Hex
  4. Hi Lådanbaby, As for every monthly wipe we do not have a set time for this wipe. The difference is that every wipe at the start of the month is forced game-wide by Facepunch. This means that we will only be able to wipe when they send out the update to the community. I however suggest that you keep a close eye on our Twitch update stream. If I'm not mistaken, this stream goes live at 3PM EST. We preview what's new in the upcoming month, which updates made it through and which haven't. If Facepunch does not push back the update too much we will generally announce when the server update hits, after that, it takes 15 to 30 minutes for the update to be pushed to all the clients world-wide. Hopefully this helps, Sincerely #Hex
  5. I certainly agree that this is a path Facepunch is taking. I don't think that it should necessarily impact the small groups and solo's as much as it is doing right now though. So I'm more of the opinion that people should be able to choose freely whether they want to play on zerg-populated servers or just servers having smaller groups. With this development I see it evolving towards servers having large groups battling each other with the occasional players not minding playing on those and the smaller groups playing on capped group servers which is not necessarily a bad thing.
  6. I will forward your concerns on our staff meeting without making promises. We will investigate the ask from the general community and if we deem it might be something successful we will implement it. We listen to the community but still need to take into account a plethora of other issues that might arise implementing something like that. Nevertheless it will be brought up and I advise you to watch the update stream or discord for any announcements. If this potentially would become a thing it will be announced there. Sincerely #Hex
  7. Hi TCP.Madskillzz I certainly do understand your frustration, as a solo player myself I know how hard it is to try and survive on servers that have no cap on the amount of players that can be inside a group. Recent updates (group system) certainly did not do any favors for players like myself. We aim to provide a vanilla game play experience. This means that we will not allow any mods on our servers or apply any management rules other than those which provide the original game play. Consequently this means we will not set a max group limit unfortunately. Sincerely, #Hex
  8. Hi Skrux- This issue is due to the EAC service not functioning properly or a file not being validated in your Steam library. I suggest you perform following steps: Validate the integrity of your game files in the steam library. RMB on Rust in the left side of your games list Properties option Local files tab Verify integrity of game files. Repair the EAC service Navigate to the EAC folder within your Rust installation (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\EasyAntiCheat) RMB on Easy-AntiCheat_Setup.exe and run as Administrator Then choose to repair the service Restart the Steam Client This should fix the issue you are having. Sincerely #Hex
  9. Hi BigSummerBoy, We do not police the chat in that way, we are pretty liberal in what can be said, however there are limits to what is tolerated and what crosses the line. With exception of excessive spamming, this is often very situational and requires us to be able to have a closer look at the specific situation. Muting players is not something we will resort to. If this were to happen again please contact a moderator who will investigate your specific situation and act accordingly. The best way to contact a moderator is through our discord. Sincerely , #Hex
  10. Have you tried connecting directly to it? A useful alternative if the server doesn't show is to press F1 on the server menu and type client.connect followed by the server IP. In your case client.connect connect Hope this helps. #Hex
  11. There are no time restrictions to play on Rustafied servers. I suggest you do the same as the OP and submit a support ticket to receive more info on why you got banned. #Hex
  12. Hi sMile^, I suggest you redirect your appeal to the support ticket section which is the best place to inquire and appeal an issued ban. You do this through clicking the upper-right Support drop down menu and choosing the 'Support Request' option. One of our staff members will get back to you ASAP. Sincerely, #Hex
  13. Hi Flick, You need to submit a ticket in the support section of our website. To submit a ticket click the support dropdown menu on the top of this page and choose the option support request. A VIP staff member will respond to your inquiry ASAP. Sincerely #Hex
  14. It works for me. I think it might be a redirection issue if you are already on the forums but I was able to see the ticket form as you can see here.
  15. For some reason the link indeed redirects to the top of the page. Try https://forum.rustafied.com/support You should see a form to be filled in with all the details pertaining to your ban. Then a moderator will get back at you.

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