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  1. Do you only have this with a specific server, or multiple servers, including non-Rustafied servers?
  2. Regular wipe for all servers except US Long II. US Long II will be blueprint wiped May 3rd.
  3. Try to find out more about your ban by creating a ticket here.
  4. Please make a ticket here: https://forum.rustafied.com/support/. Rustafied staff will review your ticket and solve your problem.
  5. The next planned blueprint wipe is on April 5th happening on all Rustafied servers except for US Long II. US Long II will wipe on May 3rd. The set schedule for blueprint wipes on Rustafied servers is every 2 months.
  6. There will be a BP wipe today (February 1st). Source:
  7. I believe that the servers are currently being updated. Try again in a few minutes and see if it works.

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