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  1. Does anyone like the BP system?

    Came back after a long hiatus. Waited 6 months to uninstall.
  2. Community Building Event, Vote Here!

    Village looks neat, but my vote goes to the bar. It's a classic.
  3. Follow the trail...

    Great idea. I have actually used the footprints systems to catch people hiding in bushes or behind trees. I think it would be extra cool to add one more layer and include bloody trails.
  4. What games do you play

    Let's make a BF1 squad guys.
  5. Happy Holidays Rustafied!!

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
  6. How did you find the forums?

    I sought it out. Didn't even realize it was a thing until my buddy told me about it. It's pretty quaint considering it's Rustafied-- given the content of the in game chat I'm surprised at how tame it is. Feels like a graveyard sometimes but I like it. As for the quality, everything seems to work, and the chat box was a nice addition. I wish there were an off-topic forum, but I can see how it could potentially get out of hand. Nothing bad to say about the staff either. You guys are doing a good job. Edit: The forum link should be right on the front page next to servers.
  7. Your favourite part of the game

    I remember doing this and getting our entire base deleted by an admin. Like 3 weeks in a row.
  8. a VERY interesting topic!

    Is it possible to ban an admin?
  9. a VERY interesting topic!

  10. Hey Component System!!

    Component system with recycler close by = Awesome Without = Shit
  11. "Only on a non moderator alternative account" seems kind of arbitrary. I say let the mods play.
  12. What games do you play

    Mount and Blade, Chivalry, and Kerbal Space Program mostly. I started a Morrowind save recently but I doubt I'll ever get anywhere with it. That game kicks my ass.
  13. Rust ScreenShots!

    That's a nice N64 you have Purple.
  14. Rustafied Halloween Event Aftermath!

  15. Rust ScreenShots!

    We had a visitor.

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