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  1. AirDrop Volleyball

    Best Update to date. FC2104AC-A67B-494D-A720-E4C53D69D029.MP4
  2. Discord for Rustafied?

  3. Share Your Base Builds

    Last Wipe: @Kobalt's Team of 10+ Design This Wipe: Prepare your A-Holes!
  4. Share Your Base Builds

    Day 3: Finished the base, Decorated with signs and landed a helicopter :3
  5. Is this customs?

    I see no tool cupboards, claim it for yourself and wall off the gates!
  6. There is always a map wipe on Thursday on most Rustafied servers due to the simple fact that we don't want the entity count to keep rising and increasing server lag.
  7. Preservation for now, but it's up to server admins to decide as of now. I don't think however it will stay this way forever.
  8. So this guy called NikeOG had been harassing the members of our clan since wipe day. He's been trolling and constantly killing members while they were farming or pillaging our base while members were building. Overall he was also being a typical AssHat on general chat and was also impersonating our members on many occasions in order to damage our reputation on the server. He eventually set up a base near ours and made a team of around 5 people who were some of the most hated/infamous players on the server. Since none of his acts were enough to result in a ban we decided to move over to Plan B, raiding the living shit outta him.We amassed an army of angry Falcons to tactically execute a raid that would shut NikeOG's mouth for all eternity. Not to mention the occasional hiccups (some of which were intended) to give more flavor to this raid footage
  9. pickaxe raids

    Waaay to OP...
  10. How do I get recruited? Me and my friend EtherGaming have been on the Falcon Gaming server for a while and we have wanted to join the staff for a while but never were able to figure out how. We are not mean people on the server, we will usually give noobs things like hatchets but nothing that they can kill us with just to be safe. We are working on a town in the snow mountain and we are also trying to take over the small island with a lighthouse. My username on steam is TheWatchingDog3. All of the supplies and buildings in the pictures were created by me and Ether alone, no allies, and we only ever raided one other base.







    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheWatchingDog


      This is my ACTUAL account, I didn't sign in through steam with the one I just used.

    3. Jithvan


      Please visit our recruitment thread here and fill in ur application form, then i will contact you via steam. http://www.rustaforum.com/topic/520-✯the-falcon-clan✯-recruiting-is-open-professional-gaming-community-fun-atmosphere-ts3-and-more/

      Btw Rustafied.com is not the Falcon Gaming Server, the Falcon Clan(a member of the Falcon Gaming Community) plays on this server as an official clan.

    4. TheWatchingDog


      Sorry about hat, I know that rustafied is not only for falcon gaming but his is all I could find to try and get recruited.

  11. Floating Buildings Loot Problem

    How sure are you that the base you raided had loot and resources in the first place? Many buildings are abandoned or are scout towers around many of the servers. However I will make an inquiry to test this issue.
  12. Stay and improve the drops! Make them less frequent.
  13. BP Wipe = Tons-o-fun!

    Can I come join the fun sometime? :3

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