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  1. If you think you've encountered a hacker you can get a hold of us in our public TS server (ts.rustafied.com) or you can put in a report on our website: bans.rustafied.com - Pie
  2. Discord for Rustafied?

    Hi We don't use discord as we find it doesn't really work for us, we do however have a TS3 server you can connect to with this address: ts.rustafied.com
  3. Creative uses for the spinner

    I think Helk planned on operating a casino... roulette wheel springs to mind!
  4. Banned for nothing

    Hello, please submit a ban appeal at https://www.rustafied.com/support
  5. Banned For No Reason

    This is not the right place for this, please submit a ban appeal using the support tab on the top of the page, thank you.

    Hi there, the game is very badly optimized right now. We are hoping facepunch will come out with an awesome update that will improve overall performance later this week. Unfortunately this is not only a server issue right now, but a game wide issue that we don't really have any control over. To improve performance a little bit, animal AI has been turned off. Which is why animals don't move at all, cause they don't really think for themselves at the moment. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes, we are really trying to do everything we can to improve the lag as much as possible until we get a better patch.
  7. Can't find the servers!

    Hello guys, as said earlier in this post, the servers were taken down due to a game breaking exploit where you could just go up and open any door you wanted to, and to prevent having to wipe the servers, they were shut down. We are currently waiting for an update from facepunch that will hopefully fix this issue and will bring the servers back up as soon as possible. We do not currently have an ETA on when this might come out. Thank you for your patience!
  8. Happy Christmas! Love, Chief Santa Bush. God bless

    Merry Christmas That was a pretty good video, keep em coming!
  9. Happy Holidays Rustafied!!

    Comp is a good nurse
  10. Your favourite part of the game

    Oh no It's not only for Legacy, if it was,I would have mentioned it. I just wanted to see if someone would bring it up. And lol, DOA, whyyyy
  11. Your favourite part of the game

    I had Legacy in mind when I created this post, and that's a really great response, Bill. I sadly never got to experience Legacy, it was if you will, before my time. But when I started playing, back when ladderblockers were a thing, my favourite thing to do was to run around the ouside walls and scream at people.
  12. I wanna know what you enjoy doing the most in rust, are you the den-mother, are you defender, are you the builder? Would you rather run around with a gun and kill people? Maybe you play to be social? Tell me what you enjoy the most about this game we all spend so much time on.
  13. a VERY interesting topic!

    åååååååååååååå, barely ever use that button when I type anyway.
  14. xp wipe?

    They are working on a new system that will replace XP, when that system (the component system) launches, all items will be unlocked, and you will have to search for materials to craft everything you need. This means XP will be gone, so no, It's not gonna wipe.
  15. xp wipe?

    Since they are working towards getting the component system out in November, I don't think they will be wiping XP now, only to launch a completely new system next week As for low pop, if they do launch the Component system next week, that will be something completely new.

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