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  1. I'm excited for this, I'm a double stacker myself but believe it's a bit of an exploit sOo i'm not too sad to see it go. Excited for the wipe hype!
  2. 12th picture up in the circle of chairs with the Vertz pic...... Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha ha
  3. It really is, I didn't think the girls minded but when I read that earlier I actually felt bad so on behalf of the Rust community, Sorry for the d***s
  4. Are guys intimidated by female Rust players? I've just received a message from one of our players saying "Can we make sure all new players don't hate on me for being female". And this is a true statement.... I spend a considerable amount of time defending the females in our group from narcissistic boys who have a real urge to abuse them because they are female ... but why? Why do players act like dicks when in the presence of a female Rust player?
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      It was way too cold for football, Time for Rust! 


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