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  1. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to apply for a refund, submit a ticket to https://rustafied.com/support in the “Sales and billing” department.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Each of our servers caters to a different audience, with some having map sizes or player counts higher or lower than normal. If you think an existing server should be modified in some way, or have a great idea for a new server, feel free to make that suggestion here! (Select the "Suggestions" department when creating the ticket)
  3. We appreciate the interest in VIP, however VIP slots are limited in number to ensure performance is not degraded on the server.
  4. VIP will become available when someone does not renew their existing slot. Come back from time to time and refresh your page, it might be back in stock! Our regional passes (US Pass & Europass) work across all servers in their respective region, even if specific servers are sold out.
  5. A server restart is not a silver bullet to server issues; instead it tends to be a placebo given there are fewer players online temporarily - only for the issues to resurface once everybody has reconnected. You can post in the relevant discord channel to notify the staff there are issues with the server you are on or alternatively you can submit a support ticket. Please note, our Systems team already have a suite of monitoring tools at their disposal and are typically alerted ahead of time if there are any major technical issues arising on servers.
  6. There can be several reasons why you can’t connect. They usually pertain to networking issues from the client (you) reaching our server. Before contacting us, you can try a couple of things yourself: Restart the game/Steam. Restart your PC. Restart your router. Verify integrity of Rust files. (Right click Rust in your Steam library>Properties>Local Files>Verify integrity of game files) If for some reason these steps failed to solve the issue you can contact us through the support system or Discord.
  7. There can be several reasons why the server is not showing on your server list. If you run into to this problem you can contact us through our support system (fastest) or Discord. A possible workaround can be to use the “client.connect” command in the in-game console ( hit F1 to bring this up). Here's an example for direct connecting to Rustafied Main: connect IP addresses and ports can be obtained from the server list page.
  8. This is likely because the update hasn’t come out yet. The developers will work on the update and deploy it at their discretion. There is no set time given for when the update will hit but it is usually around 3-6pm EST. When the latest devblog goes live, the update usually is live within a few minutes.
  9. Bugs has assembled a team to handle most of the issues you may have and can be resolved at either the support or player report link. If you have an admin abuse complaint you can send an email to [email protected] where it will be investigated.
  10. Rust is a game with flaws and glitches, and it is also being updated/patched frequently by the developers. Any bugs that make their way into the game are usually resolved by Facepunch themselves. To report a bug to the developers, press F7 while in-game and follow the instructions that pop up. Rustafied usually does not police exploits unless they cause significant issues to the servers. If this is the case, expect announcements to be made on our main site and our Discord.
  11. Our mod team are entirely volunteer based, and not all of the team are in Discord. Many of them will also be busy already looking into player reports and performing other moderation duties. The most efficient way to have your matter resolved is either use the report or support links.
  12. We aim to have tickets responded to between 24-48 hrs depending on staff availability.
  13. Player reports are dealt with on a FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis. The time to review varies on a number of factors depending on number of online moderators, whether or not players are aware they are being looked into (at which point they will be more covert, so never post a report publicly!).
  14. We understand the frustration of dealing with hackers; our mod team are volunteer based and tend to tickets as soon as possible. It's in our interest as well as yours to keep the servers as clean as possible, and as such we review tickets in a queue system. All available moderators are able to review the report queue and investigate accordingly. As such, it is always better to submit a report than attempt to contact individual moderators. Think you've got what it takes? Why not consider applying to the Rustafied Moderation Team? Applications are open on a regular basis.
  15. Guitar scripts are not banned, but can sometimes throw a false positive from EAC. We advise that if you are going to use these, you do so at your own risk.
  16. A payment takes time to complete. If it has been over 10 minutes since you attempted to purchase VIP, please submit a support ticket: https://rustafied.com/support Payments can be delayed for all manner of reasons and typically are outside of Rustafied's control, however our support staff will be able to advise you further on additional options to try.
  17. Having an issue with VIP? Chances are it's an incorrectly entered SteamID! Please submit a ticket so our VIP staff can resolve your issue as quickly as possible: https://rustafied.com/support
  18. Players can play on our servers with a VAC ban as long as it was not for Rust.
  19. Hackers suck! However, as moderators we do not interfere with gameplay under any circumstances. We do this to ensure fairness and avoid potential complaints of admin abuse.
  20. To report a player go to https://rustafied.com/report and use the "Report a Player" department.
  21. You will need to submit a support ticket to have your ban reviewed. Go to https://rustafied.com/support and use the “Appeal A Ban” department.
  22. Servers wipe on a set schedule, on Thursdays, 3 times a month. The 4th time, which it the first Thursday of the month, the game gets an update so it will wipe whenever the update rolls out (This is a different time every month). A detailed wipe schedule can be found in our Discord channel.
  23. We have many reasons why we wouldn't do this and any warnings made are behind the scenes instead of in public chat. Additionally, we also gather our own evidence prior to any punitive actions being taken. If we don't ban the others it's likely we determined that the other players were not aware of the offending player's hacking at the time. If you feel a player still need to be looked at by a moderator you can use the report link.
  24. This is part of our vanilla experience, we let you have the fun of tearing it down and taking the goodies inside.
  25. This would be mostly due to us not seeing any reason to ban them or that we couldn't get enough evidence to ban them. If you do obtain new, conclusive proof, please feel free to use our report form (http://bans.rustafied.com/report) so that our moderators can look into it. Unfortunately, status updates cannot be provided at any point when investigating players.
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