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  1. Medium Wipe

    5pm EST or BST depending on US/EU.
  2. Colored Nickname

    Right now we don't police it, and it doesn't work in chat anyway so unless FP changes their stance on this, we won't either.
  3. Any tip for server admin

    Hey, welcome to Rustafied! We encourage help, but most advertisements are immediately removed. Truthfully, there's no "easy way" to have your server be popular. Some routes are quicker than others (i.e. pairing up with a streamer who has a wide audience) but ultimately it's the experience and player's perception of your server that dictates whether they stay or go. To that end, you should be consistent, fair, and honest as a server administrator. If players visit your server and see a well ran community with responsive staff that follows solid policy, who don't create their own judgements on a whim, then they will stay. Word of mouth will then contribute largely to the popularity. Getting started is always the hardest part though. There is a subreddit for Rust server advertisements, and also an area on the FacePunch forums, which may attract a few members. You could also perhaps think about hosting an event, or something unique that draws players in. Finally, consider who your audience is. Without checking, I think modded has the least number of servers (versus community) so there are less servers there competing for players, but then you'd need to check what the preferred flavour of modded is (2x gather/loot? 3x? 5? Teleportation? Factions? etc.)
  4. It doesn't; everything force wipes on April 5th map-wise.

    Haha this was well made!
  6. Hacking still present and no banning via association?

    Also, you can see our bans (which include association and hacking bans) as they occur via http://bans.rustafied.com.
  7. A touch of paint...

    You've probably noticed it by now if you're reading this, but if by some miracle you haven't, Rustaforum has officially had a touch up! It's a pretty major overhaul and we're sure there are still things that need tweaking, but we hope you enjoy the nice new look that is more in line with Rustafied.com! You can also use the "old" theme by heading to the bottom of the page and changing the theme to "Rustafied Legacy". If you spot anything that doesn't look right, feel free to leave a reply, or submit a topic in the Suggestions and Feedback forum.
  8. Upkeep is weird!

    Why do I detect a twinge of frustration in your sentiment?
  9. It's just a disclaimer Bugs added so people don't complain at him when their FPS goes down. Personally, I experienced higher frames than before, hitting upwards of 90 with a 1070 and i7 (laptop), which isn't low end but it's definitely proof that it could increase or decrease.
  10. The new feel and look of rust.

    Looking good! I was just on Staging myself. Frog boots have made it in too there already lol
  11. Server name

    The server is just named "Rustafied.com" in the browser.
  12. Rust Dream Update

    Not necessarily the basis of my "dream" update, but it'd be cool to get head-swivel networked again. That stuff was hilarious.
  13. Will there be a BP wipe this week?

    Due to a last minute decision from FacePunch, we are no longer BP wiping today. Maps will wipe as normal. Please see the announcement at the top for more info.
  14. So whats the system for standing up when downed?

    I believe it's purely chance based, but I don't know the %.
  15. Will there be a BP wipe this week?

    Sorry about a lack of response; yes there will be a BP wipe on all Rustafied servers come Feb 1st.
  16. New Hazmat Suit, QoL, and more!

    It doesn't sound like it; in the devblog FP want to have it randomize based on steamID so players can be distinguished.
  17. How does one get out of the "Newman" rank?

    Yup, that's correct.
  18. Will there be a BP wipe this week?

    The previous poll on Rustafied.com was brought about after 2 months of no BP wipe, rather than just 1. There is not likely to be one for at *least* another month.
  19. How does one get out of the "Newman" rank?

    By being an active participant in the community I look forward to seeing such an attempt but you've a long way to go first - good luck!
  20. Decay is BS

    Unfortunately I see no way of returning to the days of old big base builds for communal events etc on "normal" servers that don't have decay disabled/modded. At least it should be more taxing on larger clans and will likely get tweaked in the coming weeks and months.
  21. Happy Holidays!

    Either that, or botulism - one of the two.
  22. Insert art here :)

    Liking that FPS too lol, is this from today's update?
  23. Months to come.

  24. Painting Signs on Rust is hard

    Rustangelo should still work.
  25. Does anyone like the BP system?

    How does 1 TC per building sound (or vast resource upkeep requirements if you're building a large structure... something like... a bar, for example)

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