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  1. The upcoming patch will change the game for height building strategies (which are most of the strats illustrated in the community guide #3). Stay tuned for community guide #4, in order to make your base Ladder proof.

  2. COMMUNITY GUIDE #3 IS GETTING UPDATED! Thanks for all the views. See you I-G. 

  3. Jack Aegis checkin' in! Thanks for the 2k views on the Community guide#3 :)

    1. Jithvan


      Welcome aboard Jack xD

    2. BILL!


      Good to see your still alive sir o7

  4. Community Guide #3 is out! check it out!

    1. SourceDogma


      Some interesting techniques - Love the FU of base design.

    2. Jack_Aegis


      Haha! Yeah I'm lovin' it too. Thanks for the support :)

  5. Community Guide #1 and 2 are now Updated 1178. Guide #3 to be released soon.

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